5 Most Incredible and Mesmerizing Designs You Need To Know For Engagement Rings

Getting engaged in your long-lasting love is one of the most special moments for all of us. We all want that this moment should be full of surprises, joy, and happiness. Hence, both bride and groom, try making it the best occasion. One of the most important parts of your wedding is the engagement ring. This will not just be special to mark the new beginning but also be special for your girl. However, being a man, it is very much normal that you might get confused about what to choose and what to ignore. Hence, in this article, we will show the top most amazing and exquisite designs of engagement rings that you can purchase for the love of your life. Now let us dive deep into it!

1. Solitaire

Solitary is the most classic and conventional type of engagement ring for years. The name solitaire derives from the fact that there can only be one stone in this famous design. A single diamond is often placed on a clear prong or claw ring to show off all its elegance. If you have a plain and sophisticated look, a solitaire ring is a perfect choice for you.

2. Cathedral

The design of the cathedral has been popular for many years due to its classical and elegant architecture. Its name derives from how the material of the shank and the shoulders curl up to protect the diamond. These shapes are like the ridges of a cathedral.

3. Bezel Engagement Ring

One of the best engagement rings has to be the bezel ring. In this ring, the gem is secured in position with a metal border rather than being held by the prongs. Since there is less chance of a stone being scratched or slipping out, picking the bezel ring is ideal for your engagement. Although more costly than prong rings, bezel engagement rings don’t need too much maintenance.

4. Infinity Band Engagement Ring

The infinity band is the greatest sign of eternal love. The ring is created by an unbroken line of diamonds that are permanently joined together. Diamonds on an infinity band may be a pavé or French collection, depending on the wearer’s design. Customarily, a separate infinity ring is granted on the wedding or anniversaries. Some couples, indeed, chose to put a twist on this gift and change the bride’s engagement ring to an infinity band.

5. Tension Setting Engagement Ring

This one is a unique ring design for your engagement. The diamond is held between the two halves of the shank in it. Hidden spring loading and grooves are being carved on the metal, which keeps the stone intact. Consequently, it seems to be hanging on its own, giving this ring design a curious visual impact. If you like the look of the tension setting engagement ring, keep in mind that the technique is only appropriate for rugged stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire. The tension setting method is also fully personalized to each stone, so you’ll need to first pick your gem and then configure the ring.

These were some of the most incredible designs of the engagement rings you can choose for your going-to-be wife. Make sure that you choose the best out of these. If you plan to buy the best ring for your engagement ceremony, then make sure that you choose a reputed jewelry store in Atlanta. Royal Design Fine Jewelry is here at your convenience, all set to help you find the most beautiful ring for your partner. Hurry up and explore the wide collection of engagement rings which we have for you. Hope that you find the one which helps you express your love and promise to your better half on a special day.