5 Reasons Why Madden NFL is Still Popular in the US

Madden is still one of the highest grossing video games in America every year, why?

The Madden franchise has been a touchstone of American culture for over 25 years now. It is the 30th top selling franchise of all time and sells well over 5 million copies per year. 

There are very few games that have had the same long-term appeal as Madden. So, what’s its secret? 

Here are 5 reasons why the USA still loves Madden games: 

#1 – The NFL is America’s favorite sport 

To say that the NFL is big in America is an understatement. More people watch the average NFL game than live in the state of New York. And the Superbowl is not just the biggest sporting event of the year, but it’s the biggest Television event! 

So, it makes complete sense that Americans would love a game themed around NFL. It is a very similar situation to the FIFA games in the UK. 

#2 – It’s the only real NFL game on the market 

Not only is Madden a game inspired by the NFL but it is the definitive game in the genre. Although many games have tried to follow in its footsteps, none have reached the same level of success. 

Madden is also the only officially recognized NFL game out there. That means, it is the only game that has the rights to use the likeness of the players, the coaches, the kits, and the stadiums.  

#3 – It gets updated every year 

One of the factors that make Madden so immersive is that it is updated every year. 

So not only do the graphics get upgrades and the kits made more realistic – but the players’ stats get edited too. 

If a player has had a really good season, then they can look forward to seeing their stats boosted in next year’s Madden game. 

Many NFL players have gone on the record saying that they love to play Madden. 

#4 – It has a dedicated online community 

If you are looking to join a passionate and caring online community then Madden is the game for you. 

The online community for this game is made up of millions of people. There are always events and competitions being run by the fans. 

People even set up their own NFL tournaments online – meaning you can play a tournament with 31 other people. 

There are endless forums and video guides that will help you overcome any issues you are having with the game. And you can even get involved in debates about what next year’s Madden game will look like. 

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#5 – You can see your favorite team win, even if it won’t happen in real life 

This one is pretty obvious, but if your local NFL team has never won the Superbowl, or has never even gotten close to winning it – you can see them lift the trophy through the medium of Madden. 

For some NFL fans, this is the closest they will ever get to seeing their team win. Sadly.