5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

So, you have a wedding coming up soon. While you’ve gotten most of the essentials like the dress, location, and catering ready, you might not have someone to document the whole occasion. That’s where a wedding videographer comes in.  

However, videographers don’t always come cheap. You’ll be paying for their time, knowledge, and talent to receive a well-shot and edited video of your wedding. Having a videographer is an excellent investment, especially if you’re a sentimental person who greatly appreciates making and keeping memories. 

Hiring a wedding videographer is worth the budget and this article list the reasons why you should have one on your big day:

To Capture All The Best Moments

Weddings tend to be pretty long, and many things can happen before, during, and after that time. You might get lost in the moment or enjoy every second. A documenter like a Vancouver wedding videographer will record all these precious moments in a video. Unlike photography, which only captures still shots, videos capture movement and sound, essentially recording the emotions of those minutes.  

Your videographer may use one or two cameras to encapsulate the wedding from various angles fully. They might incorporate a DSLR camera for on-the-ground shots and a drone for overhead footage. You could get a well-crafted wedding film that features the best moments from different viewpoints.

To See What You Couldn’t See

As the bride or groom, your focus on your wedding day will exclusively be on your partner. Thus, you may not pay much attention to the other lovely things happening in your surroundings unless someone tells you. But by then, it had already happened. If you had a videographer around, they would have captured the scene immediately, especially if it’s the guests being teary-eyed from your vows or your parents’ slow dancing like the good old days. 

There are also many things you won’t be able to see much on the big day, like the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting things ready or the in-laws sharing a hearty laugh at the table. Your videographer will be your eyes and keep these on record. Through the video, you’ll see all the other beautiful moments you and your spouse didn’t notice since you were so busy focusing on each other.

To Make The Wedding More Beautiful

Most weddings are straightforward: walk down the aisle, say your vows, kiss your spouse, and celebrate all night. Your videographer will capture the occasion in a way that feels the same yet different but in a good way.  

If you’ve seen other couples’ wedding videos, you may have noticed how some of them follow a narrative. A creative and experienced videographer should interview you and your soon-to-be spouse before the wedding to get an idea of your personality and, most importantly, your love story. They’ll translate these into the video to create personal and more beautiful documentation. 

For added customization, the videographer may even include your immediate relatives, closest friends, and even your children at the wedding if you have them. Having testimonies from your loved ones will instantly turn your simple wedding video into something more memorable and sentimental.

To Share The Memories Easily

Nowadays, videos can be copied and shared without much effort. Even if you have some tangible wedding souvenirs ready, your guests and relatives will truly appreciate receiving a copy of the video of the whole event. If you have the budget, you can store the files in a customized flash drive for each family or group attending. You may even share the link via email instead if you find this method more practical. 

Your videographer may also provide short clips to share on your social media accounts. A full-length wedding video may be too long to upload, or some guests may not have the attention span to watch it all the way through. Hence, some handpicked short clips you can upload on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok will be helpful.  

Sharing videos of your wedding is also beneficial for loved ones who couldn’t attend. Despite not being there, they can still feel like they were a part of this momentous occasion by watching a video filmed by a professional videographer who understands their craft.

To Relive The Magical Event

People take photos to represent an important event, place, or person in their lives. Videos work the same way, but they take a little more effort. When you have a videographer present, you’ll have someone to record all the moments of your wedding in a compact file for you to replay over and over again.  

Photo albums are already great souvenirs to help you relive your big day, but a video has that way of pulling you back to that point in time. When you hear the wedding dance songs and see how your partner brings you close to them from another point of view, it feels like you’re right there again. Few kinds of media can do that to a person and only a skilled videographer with a strong sense of creativity can make that happen.


Professional wedding videographers come at a price. But if you want someone who can record all the best parts of your special day, you should hire a reputable one or a team to get your money’s worth. What you’ll receive after the wedding is a carefully produced and edited video that showcases what could be one of the most unforgettable occasions of your life.