5 Secrets Of The Perfect Wedding Groom Suit

While preparing for the wedding, the selection of wedding dresses takes up most of the time of the bride and groom. And if modern wedding salons offer a rather diverse choice for brides, then the image of the groom becomes much more complicated.

Let’s start with the fact that many men have a prior refusal to go to a bridal salon for a suit. Grooms are too practical for this: they prefer to buy a suit where they have already done it, but a little more expensive or a little smarter. And, of course, they want to buy a suit that can still be useful to them on some special occasion.

Here are 5 basic rules, observing how you can look great at the wedding!

The Wedding Suit Must Fit Perfectly 

It is then that it will look expensive, regardless of how much it cost. It is for this reason that experts recommend grooms to sew a custom-made suit according to individual measurements! A wedding is a good occasion to pamper not only the bride but also the groom. Once you have tried a “bespoke suit” once from stores like https://www.oscarhunt.com.au/, you will feel the difference forever! Such a suit will hide figure flaws and highlight your dignity. 

A Three-Piece Wedding Suit Will Look Much More Advantageous 

You will have an advantage over the guests – hardly any of the invitees will come to the wedding in the “troika”. In addition, it is quite practical: at the official part of the visiting ceremony you will look elegant and solemn, and towards evening you can take off your jacket and remain in a shirt and vest. Vests of a different tone will look quite beautiful than the main wedding suit. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Choose Light Shades For Your Wedding

Many men distinguish 2 colors for a classic suit: black and dark blue. When the question arises to choose something “smarter”, men have only one answer – light blue. And this light blue often turns into a bright blue, which is far from always appropriate for modern European-style weddings.

Ultimate Ratonky Tie Or Tie-Butterfly Will Make Your Wedding Image Of Trendy And Modern

It is with the help of such accessories in a man’s suit that the colors of the wedding are maintained and the combination of the image of the groom with the dress of the bride is played up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color schemes, be bolder. Only the groom can afford this at a wedding – no one will condemn him for originality!

The Wedding Suit Does Not Have To Be Classic

It can be trousers with a jacket of various shades, and some generally prefer to abandon the jacket in favor of a vest. It is comfortable, practical, and fashionable. But in this case, you should understand that the style of your wedding is unlikely to be similar to the European classics. It will be closer to eco, shabby, or rustic styles. Such a non-classical outfit should be appropriate on the chosen site and obliges the bride to choose a dress of the same style.


In any case, you must remember that the image of the bride and groom should look like a single ensemble. A wedding is a very day when a couple becomes one! And oscarhunt.com.au outfits speak about it first of all!