5 Tips on Buying Gel Blaster Accessories

Of course, having a great gel blaster will give you an edge in any shooting competition. However, as gel blasters top the field of both outdoor and indoor shooting recreation, the best players are discovering that the best accessories often provide the edge to either winning or losing miserably in the middle of a fierce blaster battle. For blaster combatants wanting to gain a professional edge on the competition, it is critical to focus on the gun, the ammo, and the power behind it all. Once you have these three components covered, you should consider just how far you are able to shoot.

1. Your load

Getting to the battle is much easier if you have the proper carrying case or bag. Additionally, such things as a rifle bag should come with pockets that allow you to insert other accessories, making sure you do not forget anything. Just as important is the fact that competitors without bags or with cheap bags are much more likely to scrape their weapon. Consequently, you should look for one with plenty of padding.

The right bag will hold multiple blasters, allowing you to come to battle equipped with all the necessary armaments. Of course, whenever you are buying a rifle bag, you should look for one that fits your weapon. However, you should also pick one with durable stitching and zippers. Finally, selecting one with an adjustable sling will allow you to comfortably throw the bag over your shoulder, making hauling your gear easy.

2. Grip

During the height of any battle, you can easily find your hands or forearms sweaty. Additionally, if you wipe your face, your hands can track sweat from your brow to the grip on your blaster. If this happens, it is best to have a grip that can withstand getting damp. For instance, you should look for one that is made of striated or contoured rubber because the contours will provide traction. Nylon grips are especially effective.

In terms of durability, you should find one that screws or locks securely into place. When the blaster is not in use, a grip that folds will help you store it more securely. An adjustable bipod should be sturdy and able to support the weight of your forearms if you need to lean into a shot.

3. Range

Hop ups allow you to shoot farther because they put a spin on the gel ball. However, not all hop ups are the same. Consequently, you should look for one that uses a hex screw instead of a straight screw because a hex screw is much less likely to strip. Additionally, it should be fitted with one or more connector screws for a secure fit.
For ease of use, you can also look for one that snaps into place. However, a threaded hop up will allow a much more secure fit.

4. Your battery

When it comes to purchasing accessories for gel blasters, the battery is arguably as important as the blaster. When purchasing a battery, you should look for one that comes with the necessary connectors. Additionally, the retailer should have chargers to fit your particular battery.

AC chargers are pretty standard, so you will not have much of a problem finding one. However, you never know when your blaster will need a charge or where you will be when the power has drained. Because of this, you should look for a selection of chargers with AU plugs or USB connectors.

Finally, when it comes to battery upgrades, you should verify that the component is compatible with your particular blaster.

5. Reputable dealer

Online retailers should offer a variety of policies and shipping features that protect your investment and make your purchase effortless. When buying online, look for the following customer-service protections.

  • online support
  • order tracking
  • multiple shipping options
  • money-back guarantee
  • online indication of whether the item is in stock
  • ability to register for in-stock notification

When it comes to customer satisfaction, money-back guarantees are a good first start. However, clear communication is often equally important. Consequently, the website should be easy to navigate and understand. Current supply should be clearly marked because you do not want to prepay for an item that will not actually be available for months