5 Tips to Make Your Next Flight More Comfortable

For most of us, getting out and seeing new places is exciting. But let’s face it, the trip there can feel like a struggle; especially for those flying long distances to reach their destination. Sweaty legs, small amounts of legroom and loud noises are among the top complaints by travelers and the reason that so many people hate flying. The good news is that there are ways to make your next flight more bearable.

1. Choose Your Seat Wisely

For most economy flights, legroom is a hot commodity. If you can, check-in early to choose your seat. Whenever possible, try to get as close to the front of the plane as possible to avoid loud engine noise and unpleasant smells from the bathroom. Taller individuals should choose aisle seats since they’ll have more room to stretch their legs, and those who like to nap should vouch for a window seat to control how much sunlight comes in.

2. Stay Hydrated

It may be tempting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage on your flight, but we recommend skipping it, along with coffee and soda. Caffeine and sugar may be a short-term fix for exhaustion, but they’ll leave you feeling thirsty and more tired after their effects wear off. The air inside a plane’s cabin is notorious for being dry, with humidity levels that are 10-20% lower than in a normal room. This leaves your skin and eyes feeling dry, so make sure to take in enough water to keep yourself feeling comfortable.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to put on moisturizer before boarding the plane to keep skin hydrated.

3. Bring Ear Plugs and An Eye Cover

Whether you’re planning on taking a nap or not, bring a pair of earplugs along for the ride. Besides the usual crying babies, you envision on a plane, plane engines and turbines create extremely loud noises, and earplugs can keep these sounds from bothering you during the duration of your flight. Be sure to bring an eye cover too if you plan on sleeping, in case your aisle partner wants their window open.

4. Dress Comfortably

It’s always tempting to dress elegantly for a flight, but wearing comfortable clothes is the best way to go. When boarding a plane, you never know what the temperature will be like in the cabin, so dressing in layers is best. Breathable clothing made with cotton will help reduce sweat and odor if the plane is more on the warm side. Bringing a jacket or sweatshirt in your carry on is always a good idea in case the plane is chilly.

5. Wear Compression Socks

Slipping on a pair of compression socks before your trip has some great benefits. Long flights can increase the risk of blood clots, even in perfectly healthy individuals. This is because sitting in a small, cramped cabin reduces your ability to move your legs and prevents blood from circulating properly. Compression socks promote proper circulation and greatly reduce the risk of blood clots during flights. Additionally, these traveling socks are great for reducing leg pain and restlessness and are usually made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep legs cool.

With the right preparation, a long-flight doesn’t have to stand in the way of your comfort. Before your next trip, be sure to arrive at the airport prepared and remember these tips for your best flight yet.