5 Ways To Make an Animated Short Film for Your Business

Using animates short films for your business can be quite helpful in engaging your audience. It even helps you in telling your story in a more interactive and fun way. Its proved by various surveys that people are able to grasp more by what they see. 65% of people learn from the visuals, and it’s accessible to transmit the information to their brain via Animated Short Film. Our mind not only grasps the visual information fast but it also process the same information quickly.

This is the reason, nowadays, you can see more videos on your social media sites, rather than just texts. In the last one year, the number of videos posted by individuals has increased by 94% in the US itself. If we talk about Facebook, each day more than 4 billion videos are streaming. Thus, the competition here is also rising; one needs to use quality pictures, script to create an Animated Short Film.

Here are 5 ways using which one can easily make an animates short film for the business:

(1) Choose The Best Software

Since you are a beginner at making your animated short film, it’s better to choose the software which is easy to use and less complicated. Those who know about making a film can go for a more complicated software.

You can easily find an easy, automated animation making software online. No need to learn it, no need to be a techie and no need to build the animation from scratch. The software will help you in do the work quite easily.

(2) Explore Your Ideas

The next step is to explore your idea. Think what you want to convey, what is the ultimate goal of the animation. What will it be, an advertisement, video, short movie or a sort of business presentation? You have to identify the purpose of the short film, then only you can prepare the script for the same.

You need such a script which has magical words to engage and impress your audience. Try to start it by building some curiosity in the audience to keep them engaged. You can also put an element of surprise or bind them with emotion. Then introduce who you are, your role, etc. And the ending should be call-to-action for them.

(3) Sketch Character Models

Now the focus should be on your animated characters, who they will be and how they will look. You might choose from the pre-made characters or can sketch them yourself. Creating the exact look you want in terms of expressions, poses, and costumes. As per your script you can choose whatever suits best with it, since they will be carrying your story in front of the audience.

(4) Add Dialog and Sound Effects

Decide the timeframe for the film; once you are done with it, you can start recording the dialogs. You can also use other sound effects if you like. You can add as many sound effects you want, but the one thing you have to keep in mind is the time. One can read the words in the shot easily, according to that you can adjust the length of the slides. The voice should be clear; words should be clear enough to understand. To get the professional help, you can also check this site https://www.voquent.com/services/copywriting/.

It will help you in getting professional voice over scripts as well as help in finding a better voice.

(5) Review Your Film with Expert

Once you are done compiling and editing the video, you can show that to an expert to get the better insight about it. Or you can take the help of an expert to finalize the backgrounds, colors, and other details. Watch it a couple of times to identify any errors or mistakes. Once you think you are done, you can show it to your colleagues, friends as well to get their feedback. Then it’s time to release it on the social media to get your audience.

It’s been forecasted that by 2019, the online video traffic will become 80% of all the traffic. Video will be dominating the internet. It might even become the primary medium for users to consume information from the internet. With that, the demand of the users will also increase to get high definition videos and more informative ones. Thus, it’s important for you to start using the videos now only. It will not only help you in presenting your business in a better way but will also help in attracting more people towards your business.

Remember that the user are now more sophisticated and look forward to have entertaining, informative content in visual forms. With these simple tips you can easily learn to make animated short films for the growth and better impact of your business.