5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Growing your hair out takes time. Some people spend years trying different shampoos and trying to coax their hair follicles to produce long, thick hair. While patience is the most common prescription for hair growth, there are some ways to speed up the process and ensure your hair grows thicker and healthier. Whether you want to grow your hair out for a special event or simply want long luscious locks, follow these tips for new hair.

1. Invest in the right shampoo.

If you want to stimulate hair growth, then you need a shampoo that will help you out. If you’re buying shampoo bottles from the local grocery store, then it’s time for a change. Most of those shampoo brands use harsh chemicals that are watered down. Your hair doesn’t deserve that.

To stimulate your hair follicles, look for a shampoo that is made for hair growth. Start by reading Shapiro MD shampoo reviews to see if this brand will be right for you. This is a specialized hair loss shampoo that is meant to make your scalp healthier and promote hair regrowth. This will help you reduce the loss you are currently experiencing while repairing any damage you have.

2. Look into vitamin supplements.

If you are experiencing slow hair growth, there may be problems with your current lifestyle. A poor diet can stop new hair from growing as your body allocates nutrients to other parts of your body.

Look for a vitamin manufacturer that creates supplements for hair growth. You can either take multivitamin gummies or capsules depending on what you prefer. To grow your hair, try to increase your Vitamin D intake, either through daily vitamins or through spending time outdoors.

3. Increase your caffeine intake.


If you enjoy your daily cup of coffee, then you are already helping your hair. Studies have found that caffeine can make hair shinier and can stimulate growth. If you don’t like coffee, you can look into caffeine supplements or try other alternatives like green tea. Increasing your caffeine intake is a wonderful natural remedy to growing hair back.

4. Evaluate your lifestyle.

If you suddenly need hair loss shampoo, there may be lifestyle changes that have caused your hair to fall out. For example, it’s a common side effect for women who experience pregnancy and menopause may lose their hair. Balding in women isn’t talked about as much as male pattern baldness, but it is still a serious issue.

Consider if you have experienced any significant health changes lately and how these issues could affect other systems of your body. This could be the cause of your hair loss.

5. Limit how much you damage your hair.


While you can make hair healthier by controlling what you put in your body, your follicles are also controlled by external factors. This is why the shampoo you use makes your hair grow faster.

Look at how you treat your hair and try to limit how much damage you cause. For example, blow-drying, curling, and straightening your hair causes stress and heat damage. While you can use these styling techniques in moderation, doing them too frequently can leave your hair weak and brittle. You may be better off letting your hair grow naturally for the next few months until you see the positive results you desire.

If you must curl or straighten your hair, look for treatments and shampoos that lock in moisture and limit the damage. This will prevent breakage.

There are multiple ways to stimulate your hair growth cycle. From prescription hair growth products and supplements to a more holistic approach with diet and exercise. Identify which strategies work best for you to hone in on healthy hair.