5 Ways To Stand Out In Your Face Mask

With many of the world spending almost a year behind the protection of a face mask, we might all be feeling slightly tired of looking like everyone else and not being able to see any personality on our faces. With a bit of investigation, unique face coverings can be found to help you to feel like yourself again, find out below which method you will be using to get your own unique look and stand out in a crowd. 

Don A New Smile

Or any emotion in fact. It is possible to find face masks with photographs of big smiley mouths or a great hairy moustache to get everyone around you giggling. This way you can show off your humorous side and give the illusion that your facial expression is stuck in a particular emotion, this is especially great when trying to have a serious conversation. For kids, it can also be fun to experiment with cartoon animal faces, like a lion or tiger to make them feel as strong and powerful as one and without all the mess of face paints!

Wear Your Hometown

If you are particularly proud of the city, state, or country that you come from then why not show this on the outside by wearing a face mask illustrated with a map. At funatic.com, you can find a mask with the map of Minnesota on it, in a bold plaid, red design to make a unique statement, completely individual to proud Minnesotians. If you wanted to take this idea to a more personal level, then it is even possible to get a photo printed of your hometown on your mask.

Trick People With An Optical Illusion

We all love a good optical illusion, but how about printing one on your mask, that is if you don’t mind people staring at you for too long? This is an interesting way to stand out and can be a great conversation starter; perhaps people will guess that you are more mysterious, or maybe slightly deceptive.

Wear Your Favourite Brand

Some of these can be less obvious than others For example, you might have noticed some with a huge brand name or logo covering the entire material and on others, you might notice a small brand logo in the corner, with the rest left quite bland. This is a way to show off your individuality and give people an idea of what you’re all about, perhaps sporty or maybe you’re into a bit more glamour than that. 

Make It Yourself

This is quite possibly the best way to stand out and be the most unique mask wearer in the room since your mask will be one of a kind! There are many instructions online to learn how to do this by yourself so pick your favorite, color, pattern, or t-shirt to turn into a statement mask that will display your true character.

Hopefully, after reading these ideas on how to stand out in a crowd of mask wearers, you have been able to gather a few ideas that might suit your style.