6 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Have To Avoid

Designing bathrooms that look stunning is never as simple as people believe. You cannot just choose some tiles and taps. You need to work with professional designers and plumbers like https://www.fixitrightplumbing.com.au/plumber-canberra/. At the same time, you need to avoid some of the really common design mistakes. We will present some that you are more likely to make than others.

Relying On The Showroom Bathroom Look

It is so easy to end up falling in love with some waterfall showers or statement sinks presented in showrooms. We all want a huge soaking tub in the bathroom but few of us actually have the space for it.

Remember that showroom bathrooms are created with really perfect proportions in space. They never feel as they are cramped. However, when you see this in a regular home, things rarely properly work out. Many families end up with bathrooms that look really bad just because they wanted to add what they saw in a showroom.

Not Thinking About The Future

When you stay in a home that you see as your personal “forever home”, the bathroom design you work on needs to take into account the future. This includes all functionality and safety features that will be needed for the family a few years from now.

Some examples of features to focus on include showers with a flat walk-in, grab handles and non-slip surfaces. Also, if you want to have children in the future, you do want to be sure they will be completely safe.

Lack Of Counter Space

Having too much clutter in your bathroom is definitely unsightly. This is why you need to be sure that you have enough counter space available, preferably right around an often-used vanity. The counter space can be utilized to put on your make-up bag in the morning or even park some coffee. Not adding a surface aimed for storage at a suitable height will be something that you will surely regret in the future.

Lack Of Finishing Touches

Having proper accessories in your bathroom is mandatory for a flawless design scheme. You want to treat yourself to really great towels and put in some hidden storage. You can even add some Kilner jars if you really love them.

Height Mistakes

The difference between a brilliant bathroom design and something average can be as simple as towel rack height and showerhead height. You always have to take into account the height of all people living in the home. This should include the small children that would use the bathrooms. After you consider these, you need to choose a height that is suitable for absolutely everyone.

Forgetting About The Ceiling

What do you see when you take a bath? Unfortunately, so many bathrooms these days look great as a whole but when you look up, everything is ruined. Whenever you renovate the bathroom, look for options to add some character. This can be done by removing false ceilings, expanding or removing drywall. Such design modifications also help a lot because they add home value.