6 Men’s Jewelry and Accessory Gift Ideas

The special men in your life can be hard to buy for — especially if they are very difficult to impress with a gift. Also, if a guy wants something, he has probably already bought it for himself. Even though gift cards, sports paraphernalia, electronic gadgets and gizmos have their place, considering trying something a little more out of the box: jewelry or accessories.

1. Gold Chain

The standard go-to jewelry piece for men is a gold chain. It can be a thick and chunky chain that is a focal piece. Or you could go thinner and simpler as more of an accent piece. For thicker chains, consider gold chains by Gold Urban, which offers a wide selection of necklaces in 14k gold and white gold. Just remember to match the chain to the man’s build: The bigger his build, the larger the chain should be. Another really great thing about a gold chain from adinasjewels.com is that he can slide it down into his shirt for more professional situations, or he can wear it out to really showcase the piece.

2. Cuff Links or Tie Bars

If you are looking for a creative piece — or even a more tailored gift — go for cuff links or a tie bar. These hidden gems come in a million different shapes, styles and intricate little novelty pieces. For example, while shopping online, you can find cuff links and tie bars with a rendering of his favorite pet, his initials, pictures of loved ones or any hobbyist icon you can imagine. These accessories are available in different metals, with different stones, and you can find styles that are as dressy or quirky as you want.

3. Watches

Watches are a beautiful timeless piece of jewelry that come in a variety of styles, materials and price points. Even though other electronics, such as cell phones, often override the need for time pieces, watches are still a beautiful piece of jewelry that can elevate your guy’s personal style. If your guy is a sportier outdoors rugged type, go for a sports watch that is built more ruggedly and is typically made of rubber or rubberlike material as opposed to metal or leather. If you are looking for a bulkier piece, try the bulkier, large, metal banded ones. And for something classic and more in between those two extremes, look for a leather banded style. Plus, most watches can be engraved on the back of the watch face with a sentimental note.

4. Money Clips

Money clips are becoming more and more popular among men. Once again, the choices are endless. Slim metal, rugged canvas camouflage and sleek leather are just a few of the many styles available. You can find these functional accessories in the shape of a guitar, large paper clip, superhero logos, gargoyles, engraved with initials or a line or two of text and many more options. Money clips can be quite affordable and really can be a special and creative gift for a man in your life.

5. Key Rings

If you’re looking for a really unique gift, a key ring is a great idea. The most popular ones seem to be ones in which a beautiful leather is mixed with a rugged distressed metal. What makes this gift so special is that it is the perfect gift to personalize. Of course, a date, initials, a name or other sentimental engraving is always in good taste. However, the key ring lends itself to destination engraving. Google a special spot you share — first kiss, where you got married, where you live, where you met — and it will show you the GPS coordinates to that spot, which you can have engraved on the key ring.

6. Jewelry Valet

If your guy already wears jewelry, or if he has a couple of pieces on his bedside table that he doesn’t wear much, consider getting him a jewelry valet, which is the man’s equivalent to a jewelry box. Find one that fits his style and most importantly, will function well for his pieces and needs. It can be a showpiece that you keep out on a dresser or side table. Or it can even be a piece you keep in the closet or in a safe. Keeping jewelry pieces in a jewelry valet will make it easier for him to find the pieces he is looking for, and keeps them safe from being lost or misplaced. Whatever gift you choose, consider adding a personal touch to make the gift more meaningful. Check out this selection of personalized gifts for men under $100 from Stephen David Leonard.