6 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen

The kitchen, as the old saying goes, is the heart of the home. This means it is one of the rooms you, your family and guests spend the most time in, and consequently it needs to withstand the hardest use. It doesn’t take long for even the most fabulous kitchen to become tired and worn. But new kitchens are expensive, so how can you rejuvenate your kitchen without incurring a hefty price tag?

Fear not. With a few creative design tricks and cost-saving shortcuts, you can easily recapture the lost luxury of your kitchen. Just follow the simple guide below to find out how.

Spruce up your cooker

As previously stated, you don’t need to break the bank to refresh your kitchen, but one larger purchase can make all the difference.

Your cooker no doubt sees a lot of use, and therefore quickly accumulates a lot of dirt and grease. Even if the cooker itself is top of the range, an old or cheap hood can make the whole thing unattractive. Find the Best Induction Cookware Reviews here.

Cooker hoods from the likes of Cooker Hoods UK can add both functionality and an attractive design element to your kitchen. Models like the Falmec cooker hood are eye-catching, easy to clean and top of the range in terms of tech, coming with a high powered Falmec extractor, warm and cool LED lights, and a washable grease filter. Made in Milan, it will cost you just a few hundred pounds, giving your kitchen an instant face lift. 

A new backsplash

Adding a colourful or tasteful backsplash to even the smallest part of your kitchen wall adds variety and interest. 

Choose a bare patch of wall (above your sink or stove is usually best) and put up a few tiles in the colour and pattern of your choice. You can go big and bold with intricate patterns and brash shades or go for a simple and elegant monochrome. Either way your kitchen will feel more luxurious, and your wall will be protected from water and grease.

Install new faucets

The kitchen sink needn’t be a purely practical thing. Most kitchens tend to feature taps of grey steel, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s no rule saying it has to be this way. Why not spruce up an unremarkable sink with faucets of elegant black, or warm rose-gold? It may be a small upgrade, but it will certainly bring a touch of interest and glamour to the space.

Creative countertops

Knives, hot pans, heavy plates and the passage of time inevitably wears down your countertops. If your cabinets are still in good condition, then there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to new countertops.

Natural stone has been becoming ever more popular in recent years. It’s stylish and comes in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any kitchen. Its durability also makes it a sensible investment. Just make sure that the cabinets beneath are strong enough to support it.

New handles

Even if your cabinets are looking a bit old fashioned, you might not need to replace them altogether. Unless they’re hanging from the hinges, try simply replacing the handles. It can make them look completely new, bringing fresh colour and texture to your kitchen for minimal cost.


Lighting is an interior designer’s best friend. It can highlight a room’s strengths while concealing its weaknesses. Install lights under cabinets to make the walls appear further back; place them on top of cabinets to give the illusion of greater height. Splash out on feature lighting for the centre of the room (over an island or table, for example) and then install cheap practical lights everywhere else.

It’s these little tricks and touches that will bring a touch of luxury back to your kitchen.