7 Decoration Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday Party

 Every child waits for his birthday as a miracle. They are looking forward to bright emotions, fulfilled dreams, a holiday consisting of presents and events. The parents’ task is to make the most auspicious celebration so that even years later, your kid would remember his birthday with a smile. We offer you 7 cool ideas that are worth taking note of.

1. Colorful Balloons

Balloons decoration is the easiest and most win-win option for room decoration on a child’s birthday balloons. You can use a few ways to decorate a birthday location:

  • fill the entire room with balloons;
  • tie strings of wishes to helium balloons;
  • make 3D figures, sculptures, or an arch out of balloons opting for any available shapes on https://balloons.online/air-fill-balloons/ ;
  • fill balloons with confetti or LED lights;
  • fill balloons with sweets or small surprises;
  • decorate the center of the table with helium balloons.

Keep in mind that you should not skimp on the balloons’ quality so that your guests will not suffocate from a specific smell.

2. Wall Collage

You might brighten walls with colored labels: they can be congratulations to the birthday kid, pictures of him, or drawings. You can buy a huge picture frame or make one yourself. Another option is to hang pictures randomly on the walls, attaching them to the walls with fun scrapbooking tape.

3. Honeycomb Decorations

Apart from balloons, you can add honeycomb balls made of paper. You need to take thick paper for honeycomb handicrafts. 10 or more sheets are glued together on a cardboard template every 4 cm. From the glued stack, cut half of the shape we want to get a semicircle, half an ice cream cone, etc. Open the figure, staple or thread fasten. Attach the loops and decorate the room with balloons.

4. Letters on Strings

Can you imagine a birthday party without the letters hung all over the room? You can buy such letters in a store or make them by hand. For this, you need colored paper and felt-tip pens. Write the letters on separate sheets, and connect them with string or fishing line. It can be the name of the birthday child, funny wishes, or welcome words for guests.

5. Yarn Garlands

Make pom-poms out of multicolored yarn: wind a thick layer on a piece of cardboard, leave small “tails” from the beginning and end. Then, remove the cardboard, tie the rings in the middle with the “tails,” cut the yarn on the edges a pompon is ready! String a few on the thread and get a garland.

6. Furniture Decoration

Decorating the walls of the room, do not forget about the furniture. Spruce up chairs with vivid covers or tie the chair’s back with bright ribbons and artificial flowers and glue a label with the guest’s name. You can make a festive throne for the birthday boy to open gifts and take pictures with relatives and friends. 

Take an idea of brightening a holiday table with a homemade tablecloth. It’s effortless to make such a tablecloth—no need to sew it. Just glue bright flounces to the table with the help of double-sided tape or stapler. 

Pay enough attention to the festive table.  You may pick up colored napkins with cartoon prints and decorate cocktail straws and cutlery. Besides, you can put flowers, balloons, gifts, fruit arrangements, candy topiary in the center of the table, giving a unique atmosphere.

7. Piñata 

A piñata is a great solution not only for a Mexican birthday party. You just need a suitably shaped cardboard box. Fill it with sweets and confetti, cover it with a fringe of brightly colored paper. The “body” of the piñata should not be firm so that children can easily break it.