7 Statistics & Facts About Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most prevalent causes of injury in the United States. Most individuals are unaware of the risks associated with slip and fall incidents until they themselves or their family members are affected.

Many individuals are also unaware of the expense of a slip and fall accident. For individuals who have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, engaging with a qualified personal injury law firm is the most effective method to receive the compensation they need to resume their normal life. We spoke to Hensley Legal, a slip and fall attorney in Lafayette that gave us 7 facts about slip and falls to demonstrate the seriousness of these types of accidents.

Fact #1 – Each year, over one million individuals visit the emergency room with a slip and fall accident

Every year, there are over one million persons who require emergency medical treatment because of a slip and fall. That’s more than two thousand people every day in the United States alone. Every year, there are approximately eight million emergency department visits caused by falls. Of the falls, around 12% are slip-and-fall incidents.

Fact #2 – Broken bones are prevalent in approximately 5% of slip and fall injuries

There’s a five percent chance that you’ll break a bone if you slip or fall. According to recent statistics, 20-30% of slip and fall accidents result in severe injuries.

A fracture might cause severe discomfort as well as lengthening your recovery and causing emotional distress. When you suffer significant injuries as a result of a slip and fall, you can recuperate for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses.

Fact #3 – Each year, about one-third of people over the age of 65 suffer a fall

The longer you live, the more likely you are to fall and the more severe your slip and fall accident is anticipated to be. In fact, slipping and falling is the most common job-related cause of injury for individuals over 55. Also, each year, more than 60% of nursing home residents fall at least once.

Fact #4 – Falls are the most frequent cause of brain damage.

Despite the fact that most individuals associate brain injuries with organized sports, falling is the most frequent cause of brain damage. A brain injury may be devastating since the victim may not even know how bad his or her injuries are. A brain injury might have residual effects, and it’s important to recognize, diagnose, and treat one properly.

Fact #5 – Each year, slip and fall injuries cost over $34 billion in medical expenses

Americans lose more than $34 billion each year as a result of slip and fall accidents. In fact, medical expenses are a major reason for bankruptcy. Medical expenditures that arise from a fall are frequently both unanticipated and devastating.

Fact #6 – Only two percent of cases are decided go to court

Many individuals are hesitant to bring a personal injury lawsuit for this reason: they fear having to testify in a courtroom. However, less than two percent of personal injury claims result in a jury trial.

You are a key participant in the settlement procedure when you file a personal injury claim. You have some say over whether your case goes to trial or ends in a negotiated settlement. An experienced attorney can assist you in determining whether your case is one that is more likely to go to trial.

Fact #7 – The average person who slips and falls misses 11 days of work

Slip and fall incidents, in addition to medical costs and other damages, cost businesses in terms of lost work productivity. A slip and fall accident causes an average of 11 days of missed work.

In the case of significant injuries, missed work productivity might be considerably more important. You may recoup for lost income in addition to your other losses if you are absent from work because of a slip and fall.

It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with slip and fall accidents. If you or someone in your family has been injured, please contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of law for help.