7 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First Set of Hunting Clothes

Hunting has always been a gentleman’s game. Made famous by the Englishmen, this is one of the few sports that can only be enjoyed with proper gear and a set of clothes. New hunters will focus on the caliber of the gun rather than their apparel. Many still ask the question, why invest in quality hunting camo? Well, the simple answer is, proper hunting camouflage is the difference between an amateur and a professional hunter. Following is a basic guide for all the new hunters looking to buy their first hunting clothes:

1. Environment:

Possibilities are you have already decided on the location where you want to hunt. This is the first thing you have to keep in mind before buying your hunting clothes. If the hunt is in a jungle area then a green camo suit will be the ideal choice. Similarly, if it’s in a dry or barren environment then a khaki or a desert camo suit will be a perfect choice. Make a decision depending on the type of environment.

2. Temperature:

Even if you are a new hunter, you should know the weather conditions of the area in which you are going to hunt. A hunting outfit that doesn’t compliment the weather conditions will result in a failure as well as extreme discomfort. So, when buying hunting clothes, be sure to keep the weather of the place in check.

3. Orange Jackets:

This is not just a necessity but also a law. During the hunting season, there are other people besides you looking for a trophy. Bright colored orange jackets help identify other hunters in the area. Always buy an orange or some other fluorescent colored jacket when buying hunting clothes.

4. Always Buy an Extra Set:

Have a discussion with experienced hunters and they will tell you tales of hunting that took more than a day to be successful. During a hunt, you don’t know when you will get your perfect shot or how long you have to stay at a spot. So, it’s always a good idea to keep an extra set of clothes with you.

5. Adequate Backpack:

Although not a part of your clothing, still one of the important parts of hunting apparel. Always buy a backpack that matches the color of your clothes. An adequate backpack can hold all your extra clothing and materials necessary for hunting. 

6. Facemask:

Facemask has a dual function when hunting. First, it will keep your face hidden from the prey, this is necessary as you don’t want to spoke it. Secondly, it will protect you from dust and other things that might compromise a successful kill. 

7. Headscarf or a Hat:

A Headscarf or a hat will protect you from the heat, cold, or rain depending on the weather of the terrain. Headgears can give you a lot of protection in severe conditions, so be sure to include them in your list.

Choose the right apparel for your hunting games and see for yourself the results it brings. It might not the only factor contributing to a successful kill but a very significant one.