7 Tips for Helping Your Parents Move To an Assisted Living Community

Moving your parents to an assisted living community is a big deal, particularly if they’ve resided independently at their own residence for many years. To help give them more confidence in the decision, there are certain things that you can do to make it an easier occasion. You don’t want to make them feel as if they’re giving up or are downgrading their lifestyle.

1. Start Preparing Sooner Rather Than Later

Start preparing your moving checklist as soon as you can. Most elderly citizens have lived in their home for decades and have not moved in a long time. They have also accumulated a lot of possessions over the years; therefore, it will take some time to start downsizing, pack boxes and change addresses. It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute before telling your parents about the move. Doing small changes will help them adjust to the idea of transitioning.

2. Start Assessing How Much Downsizing Will Be Required

First, you’ll have to see how big your loved one’s home apartment will be at the assisted living establishment. Inquire about the floor plan and square footage before working out space issues. Make sure the existing furniture pieces is going to fit otherwise new furniture might need to be purchased. Just ensure your parents are included in all the decisions as well as the method of arrangement.

3. Distinguishing Prized Items

Most small items won’t fit into a new place. However, before going through everything, first check with your parents to single out possessions that can’t be replaced or discarded. Some cherished articles can be passed on to children or grandchildren if they won’t fit in the new place.

4. Holding A Yard Sale Or Donating

Once the essential items have found a new home, it’s time to sift through the unnecessary and unwanted goods. Decide which ones will be donated and arrange a yard sale to sell the rest. This way some of the money for the yard sale can be utilized for buying new furniture or for something else.

5. Moving

You can choose to move all the possessions at once by using a moving company Springfield MO, or if you want to make the process less stressful, you can start by moving some of the items that aren’t used everyday and gradually move everything and leave only a few essentials for last. Getting your parents to organize and decorate the new place may get them more excited about their new living space.

6. Starting A New Adventure

Unlike living at a nursing home, assisted living can still offer many residents an active and independent lifestyle. There are many activities that they can select to participate in. Assisted living offers not only assistance, but also entertainment.

7. Family Visits

Once your parents have settled in, be sure to keep up family visits to make them feel less lonely and offering support. Family can also attend events and visit the community restaurant for family meals.


Now that your parent moved into assisted living, it’s important to visit them regularly. It will show them that they are still a part of the family and you can keep an eye on their needs.