7 Ways on Decorating Your Home with Flowers

Flowers play an important role in many home decorations. You can see them in wallpaper, table cloth, carpet and couch. It will be even better if you can incorporate real flowers that are fresh in your home decorations. They will liven up the entire space and make it more appealing.


In your hall, you can display floral arrangement as a way of greeting people who are entering your home. Displaying a colorful flower bouquet is the sure way to start a conversation with your guests. You can mix different flowers into the bouquet to make it look tall and full so that they can be admired by the guests whether they are downstairs or upstairs. You can display the flower arrangement on a coffee table or hall chest. Hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and dahlias are great options for decorating the hallway.

Dining Table

The dining table is another place where you can display the flower arrangement. It is sufficient to have one or two bouquets of floral arrangements on the dining table. If you want it to look more elegant, you can put more floral arrangements up to 3 – 4 bouquets in vases to fill up the length of the table. The floral arrangements can have varying heights but they must appear balanced.

People always like to give flowers for decorating the dining table on special occasions like anniversary. You can use an international flower service if the recipient lives in an overseas country. For example, if the recipient lives in Canada, you can send flowers to Canada via the international flower service.

Bedside Table

You can also display a floral arrangement on your bedside table. It should be a small arrangement so that there is room for the table lamps and other items you want to put by your side. It is refreshing to have flowers by your bedside as flowers will add oxygen into the room and make the air fresher to breathe. When the air is fresher and fragrant to smell, you will naturally relax and find it easier to go to sleep. Many people like to put lavender by the bedside table because the scent makes you easy to fall asleep.

Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel can also be decorated with flowers. The bouquet should be lush, and full to create the center of attention in the room. If you want to put other items on the mantel, you can choose a tall bouquet in a tall transparent vase. The bouquet with the vase can occupy the corner or center of the mantel. If you want your mantle to look elegant, you can decorate it with a row of flowers. After you place the flower on the mantel, you can stand at the back of the room and see whether it looks good.


You can also display flowers on a shelf where you put decors and picture frames. You can put more than one floral display on different levels of the shelf. Using clear glass vases for the floral display allows the guests to focus on the color of the flowers instead of the patterns on the vase. You can experiment with different colors of floral arrangements for decorating the shelf.

Window Sill

You can spice up the room by placing a floral display on a window sill. The window sill often gets unnoticed but it can easily become the focal point with a touch of creativity. The floral display should not be too large so as to block the outside view. It should also not prevent you from opening and closing the windows with ease. Ideally, you should use a plastic vase and the vase should be small just in case someone accidentally pushes and breaks the vase while trying to open the window.

Food Service Trolley

If you have a food service trolley for entertaining guests, you can make it more impressive by placing a floral display. The flower and the vase should accent with the items on the trolley and the flooring. The vase and bouquet should be just the right size to prevent them from falling onto the floor.