7 Ways To Update Your Look On A Budget


Updating your entire wardrobe is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be an entire overhaul. There are simple ways of updating your look that won’t break the bank, leaving the fresh new you free to go out and live your best life. Here are seven straightforward tips to get you started.

1.Handwash Your Clothes

Handwash Your Clothes
This doesn’t just have to include clothes, handwashing should be used for those fabrics that are difficult to toss in the washing machine, for example, leather bags and shoes. Give these items a polish so that they shine like they were new. This also extends their lifespan so you can preserve your favourite leather pieces.

For delicate fabrics, such as satin, velvet, wool and cashmere, soak these in warm (but not hot) soapy water. Leave them for about five minutes so that the soap can work its magic, but try not to scrub in case you damage the fabric. Dry these items on a flat surface so they don’t crumple. Or hang them up on a coat hanger to help preserve the shape of the garment.

2.Dye Your Fabrics For An Update

Dye Your Fabrics For An Update
If your black jeans are looking a little faded, then refresh them with a black dye. Plus, you can throw in any other black garments that could use a little pick me up and it breathes new life into your clothes. Check out this link for tips on the best ways to dye your clothes. For smaller patches of faded fabric, just whip out a sharpie for a quick pick me up.

For a gentler way to dye your clothes, consider using a vegetable dye, like beetroot or turmeric to update a lighter t-shirt that is faded. This is useful for covering up stains that are difficult to remove.

3.Garment Alterations

Garment Alterations
Have a dress with a tired seam or a loose hem? Make a pile of these clothes and prepare a sewing needle or a sewing machine, put on a playlist, and stitch them up. When you wear your fixed clothes, it’s with the memory that it is a garment you have personally repaired.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, then here are some machines that cost less than $200 to get you started. Sewing is a hobby that keeps on rewarding if it’s lining a new pair of curtains or tucking in that dress you had to buy a size too big.

4.Reuse Your Fabric

Reuse Your Fabric
Instead of throwing away old clothes, find the use in the fabric and shape of the garment and repurpose it into another item. For example, turn a dress into a matching two-piece. Or, take a top that is too big and tailor it to your body.

If you are thinking about how to arrange your sewing machine in your home to maximize your workshop space, then check out these eclectic office designs for ideas and inspiration. Sewing machines can make a beautiful centrepiece.

5.Change Your Lipstick Shade

Change Your Lipstick Shade
Without a doubt, the fastest way to pop a new flash of colour into your look is by picking up a new lipstick, and these don’t have to be expensive. Try anything from subtler shades of nude to bright pinks, oranges or reds.

6.Organize a Clothes Swap

Organize a Clothes Swap
If you have some garments that you just never wear but can’t bear to have entirely out of your life, then get your friends together for a clothing swap. This way you can snatch up great garments for nothing and get rid of your own wardrobe clutter while keeping it in the safe hands of your friends. Plus, it’s an excuse to turn it into a bit of a party.

7.Replace Fasteners

To revamp your coat, find some unusual buttons in a thrift shop or a crafts store and replace the old buttons on your coat. For a bigger statement, dye the buttons a shimmery colour with spray paint (be sure to do this outside). Grab a jeans button-repair kit too if you have a popper on the front of your jeans that is loose or missing.

With these tips, your outfits will feel refreshed in no time. These tips will save your bank balance whilst also updating your look and keeping your outfit feeling brand new.