8 Fun Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

Cats are funny creatures. They will play on their own terms, and they will play with what they like. Not all cats will enjoy the same cat toys, but there are definitely some toys that even the laziest or most aloof of cats can’t refuse. Eight of those toys are featured here.

The Motorized Cat Chaser

Maybe you have seen this cat playing stick advertised on TV. It consists of a base with a protruding stick and a sort of canopy or tent that drapes over the top of the base and the stick. A motorized motor is attached to the base and the stick randomly whips the stick around underneath the canopy. Cats can’t refuse it because it does two things they like; hide something under a “sheet”, and give them something to swat, chase, and/or pounce on.

The Laser Pointer

Cats go nuts over laser pointers. There is something about this dot of light running over the furniture, on the walls and across the floors that makes cats want to give chase. Some of the best pointers also strobe or change the shape of the laser dot, but a cat will chase this regardless. It is also the best “lazy human” toy to use with your cat because you don’t have to do much more than wave your hand about to move the laser pointer.

The Fishing Rod Toy

It looks like a fishing rod and plays like one too. A lure on a long string draws in your cat’s attention. The reel casts and releases the lure and then slowly reels in again to get your cat to give chase.

Balls With Bells Inside

Cats love to bat around small round objects. They especially love to bat around round objects with bells inside. From the lattice type of ball with jingly bells to the catnip balls with bells inside, your cat is sure to like one of these variants.

Feather Teasers

The feathers remind cats of one of their favorite prey; birds. Use one of these feather teasers to tickle your cat’s face, and then bob it up and down to get your cat to play. He/she will attack it, not let go, and then beg to pounce again. Feather teasers come in the form of feathers attached to the end of a plastic stick or as part of a fishing pole-style of teaser.

The Shaking Butterfly Cat Toy

This cat toy is a plastic butterfly attached to the end of a bit of bouncy wire. The wire is attached to a motor that causes the butterfly to vibrate and move in a circle or just “flutter”. Cats are drawn to the motion and spend time trying to pounce down the butterfly.

The Treat Ball

If you have an especially portly cat that just won’t play, consider this toy. It is a ball into which you insert a cat treat or catnip. Place it on the floor right in front of your chubby fur baby, and then watch as he/she tries to get the treat or the catnip out while batting around the ball. Eventually, after moving the ball around a lot, your cat is rewarded by the treat or catnip falling out on its own.

Pet Cat Scratching Trees

This toy may or may not engage your cat. Some cats love the height of the scratching trees, particularly when they go up several stories. Others just want to lay around in the tunnels or balconies of the trees. However, the best cat trees are the ones with attached dangling toys to engage your cat. The cats will try to grab and play with these all on their own before coming to rest in the tree.

Find What Your Cat Likes and Stick With That

Cats are just as finicky about their toys as they are about their litter boxes or food. You have to find toys that they are very fond of, and stick with those toys. You may want to buy them an entire toybox, but chances are your cat will only play with a few select items.