8 Real Quick Words You Must Know Before Buying a Bottle of Red Wine

Have you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where you are tasked to buy a bottle of wine for a specific purpose and yet you don’t know which bottle to buy? Well, if you are inside a winery store, of course, you are faced with a massive bottle of wines. You’ll see that there are lots of wine labels and each one comes in different types, size, characteristics, and most importantly the price.

So, while you are stuck inside a winery store trying to figure out what kind of red wine you really want to buy, it’s best that you should know the basics of what each bottle of red wine can offer. Maybe it’s the time that you have to ask yourself what are the things you should ask directly to a salesperson so he or she can help you grab the right bottle.

Hence, if you are having troubles getting the right wine label, let us show you the easiest words to remember to get you out of burden. These words should ultimately guide you in assessing whether a bottle of red wine is a perfect choice or not. These words are also associated with what red wines should have and rest assured that you are perfectly ankled in picking the right bottle of red wine before you get stuck in a winery store trying to figure out which one is worth grabbing.

The Tannin

Tannins are considered as the most essential ingredient that every red wine should have. It’s a natural component you found in grape skins which can give a lot of health benefits to someone who drinks wine moderately. If you want to get a great bottle of red wine, then it’s best that you have to look for a bottle with lots of tannin content.

The Blend

Each bottle of red wines is crafted using perfect blends. This is the reason why Bordeaux wines such as Sokolin Red wine comes in various types of blends so that people can select a perfect bottle of fine wine. If you are inside a winery store and would like to look for the best bottle of red wine to buy, then look for a perfect blend by reading the wine label.


Every bottle of fine red wines is made from common fruit which is grapes. While this may be true, each grape differs in variety and characteristics that’s why each wine also has a different flavor. If you want to get a bottle of red wine that would really appeal to your taste or someone’s taste, it is best that you ask your saleslady about the varietal characteristics of your chosen wine.


Labeling plays a vital role when it comes to the right classification of wines. Technically, if it’s your first time inside a winery store and you notice a popular labeled wine, you tend to choose it over another without knowing how the wine tastes. To be honest, wines inside the winery stores are arranged by region like Tuscany or Bordeaux and it’s best that you do a little homework about the origin of each wine you can be saved choosing the wrong one.


This does not literally mean the appearance and the bottle, but it refers to the overall texture of the wine. As mentioned, wines differ in texture due to the fact there are other elements added to it so the wine flavor can come interesting. Tannin content is again considered in this area since the more tannin the wine has the thicker it looks and the sweeter it tastes.


The fruity flavor can greatly affect what sweetness can wine totally deliver. Actually, the word “fruit” or “fruity” doesn’t have to always associate with the sweet taste but it’s the ability of the red wine to make sure that it’s fruity flavor is felt when it reaches your palate. In fact, blackberries and cherries are also some elements that can be included to produce a fine bottle of wine.


The best wine flavors come when they are aged for a long time. Some people are not even looking into these because they tend to believe that once it’s bottled it’s already fine. Actually, there are vineyards who extend the aging of the wine to more than it’s time frame so it can produce a sweeter taste. Aside from that, the longer the wine aged inside an oak, the more intense the tannin it will produce.


It may come last but of course, it should not be considered as the last word you must consider in buying red wine. In reality, the more expensive the wine tastes better. On the other hand, the cheaper ones don’t’ taste bad at all. To get the best value out of what you are going to spend, check if the price is right by double checking the label, variety, and brand of your desired red wine.

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