8 Ways to Keep Your Home Extra Clean and Dirt-Free

From stacked-up dishes, to things scattered around the house and beds to make – many simple details make a difference and can make your home messy. There are small tricks that can make a difference and help to reduce disorganization in the home without having to spend all your free time cleaning and tidying up. It’s time to take a look at the 8 ways to keep your home extra clean and dirt-free. Follow the ways to keep your home extra clean and dirt-free

1. Keep everything in place

We often leave items scattered around the house after using or wearing them, be it shoes, computers, or even books. This ends up leaving the house disorganized and untidy. To avoid this, try tidying up after using something. This way, you simply avoid the accumulation of objects in inappropriate places. 

2. Take off your footwear when entering the house

This is a typical habit in the Nordic countries, such as Sweden and Norway and it is a simple habit that you can also adopt in your home. Create a small corner to take off and tidy up your shoes at the house entrance, take them off as soon as you close the door and put on some slippers. 

3. Only consume food and drinks in the right places

Many people have a habit of eating in bed or in the living room, but this often causes crumbs to accumulate on sheets or stains on the sofa. To avoid this, create a simple rule: you can only eat and drink in the kitchen and dining room. This means you’ll just have to tidy up after your meal, without having to scrub the sofa stains or make the bed get rid of the annoying crumbs. Make this rule very clear in all family members’ minds: little by little, everyone will get used to eating only in certain places and cleaning up soon after.

4. Don’t let the dishes pile up

When you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s only natural that you don’t feel like washing dishes or pots after a long day of work. This tendency to leave dirty dishes in the sink is exactly to be avoided: not only will you have a double job the next day, but the kitchen will look very messy

5. Create rules and follow them

The idea of ​​having rules in your home may seem strange at first, but when you see that all of this helps keep the house organized, then you won’t be able to do without them. Think of some rules that suit your home and family and find ways to get everyone to respect them. For example, you can create the rule that all towels should be hung up after use or that there should be no clothes strewn on the bathroom floor. Additionally, book an appointment with any domestic cleaning service from time to time to keep everything is tip-top condition.

6. Involve the whole family

Assign specific household chores to each family member. If your children are still small, you can assign them simple tasks, such as organizing some items and keeping them tidy. As they get older, you can increase their responsibilities and assign them other tasks.

7. Make your bed every day

When you are late for work or need to take the kids to school, the last thing you think about is your bed. But an unmade bed shows an immediate air of abandonment in the room. Try to get up just two minutes early and get used to making your bed every morning – it’s super quick and one less job you’ll have to do at the end of the day. Get your kids used to do the same too, so you don’t have to constantly worry about their beds.

8. Quick cleaning of floors

Don’t be scared. You don’t have to always be with the vacuum cleaner in your hand. This is a quick cleaning, which you can organize in 5 minutes no more. I always proceed one room at a time with particular attention to the living area, the most lived-in and popular one.