9 Packing Essentials for Your Maui Vacation That Could Make Your Life Easier

Just like considering the best places where you’d like to stay when vacationing in Maui, it’s also worth looking into packing for Hawaii to prevent wasting vacation time on searching for a critical item.


When you’re packing for your Maui trip, whatever you do, don’t forget sunglasses since you’ll be wearing them all the time when exposed to the Hawaiian sun.

Rash Guard

Many people may not consider a rash guard as an essential packing item and will not necessarily buy one. Not everyone loves tight-fitting and body-hugging garments when they’re in the water.
Not too mention trying to take them off when they’re soaked through. However, what’s worst is getting sun burnt on your shoulders and back when you’re out snorkelling. Maui is famous for its snorkelling and if you’re planning on doing this activity a lot, a rash guard is a critical item to pack.


When packing this must-have item, we recommend one with at least SPF45 or SPF50 so that you can partake in all the holiday activities and not have to miss a few days due to bad sunburn. You can visit https://mauibabe.com for a large selection of sunscreen products.

Packable Cooler

If you have access to a refrigerator, then it’s all good. Instead of eating out all the time, rather buy some groceries and prepare some of your own meals. Be sure to take an insulated cooler. You can pack cooldrinks and sandwiches for outings to the beach. Just remember to get a few cold packs at the grocery store in Maui.

Water Shoes That Are Quick Drying

Your packing list must include some foot protection when in the water. It’s no fun cutting your foot on sharp coral reefs while playing in the waves or doing some body surfing. Water shoes is highly useful in Hawaii and anti-slip shoes can keep you safe. These shoes dry quickly and breathe well. Dive fins can also fit easily over the top when snorkelling and they’re also suitable for hiking.

Portable Phone Charger

A portable phone charger can really amplify your travel experience. Often it happens when you’re out and about and are taking photos the whole day of the amazing scenes surrounding you. Then you suddenly realize your battery is on ten percent battery. No worries, with a portable charger you can charge your phone and leave it in your backpack for those instances when you need it.
One can get almost five complete charges for a cell phone and this handy gadget is low maintenance.

A backpack

You need to be looking for a comfortable backpack to take with on daily excursions. Look for ones that have cushioned straps and various zipped compartments.

Waterproof Case

This is basically a dry pouch for your cell phone. It fits all phone up to six inches (diagonally). We noticed someone with one of these waterproof cases wearing it around his neck while in Maui, while snorkelling. These cases are certified 100% waterproof. Just make sure you test it while still at home before entrusting your pricey electronics to it.