A Complete Guide To Choose A Best Fabrics For Summer

Check out some of the best fabrics and materials to rock during hot and humid weather conditions. Summers in many places are always quite short hence it is important to enjoy every single moment of it when possible though sometimes it can become unbearably hot to even enjoy the weather. 

Putting on the best clothes that accommodate the hot weather can greatly aid to make the season enjoyable especially for outdoor activities no matter how hot it gets. Impulse Boutique has the best summer collection and here are some of the best summer fabrics.


Cotton wears are most definitely one of the materials a lot of people rock during summer. This is probably one of the reasons most people find their wardrobe filled with several cotton clothes, shirts, and even flared skirts.

The reason for this is because; cotton is more of a natural fiber that lets air flow freely all through the fabric. This makes the airflow easily dry off the wet parts of the body. Quality cotton materials even if they are light weighted equally soaks up the moisture which makes it easier for one to cool down fast. Clothes with this type of material often come in different styles and colors. 

Nonetheless, cotton materials can twist easily so when packing for a trip, going more for cotton polyester materials could be the best bet. It is also essential to note that since cotton material is moisture absorbent, hence they can become heavy and wet or even show off some sweat marks when dry. In such cases, going in for lighter instead of darker colors will be a good way of avoiding the patches.


Chambray materials are plain made with a blend of colored materials. The material is often light weight with its darker version prone to absorbing sweat without leaving any marks. Chambray clothing is also breathable because they are made with quality weave. Go in for more chambray clothing from Impulse Boutique and rock this summer pretty well.


Linen materials are loosely woven and come from natural fiber which makes them heat friendly and they easily absorb heat and moisture which makes them dry off quickly. Linens are also quite soft and flexible so they do not stick to the body. On the flip side, they can easily twist, so make sure to pack them carefully if going for a holiday.


Silk materials are light weighted and they are so common in hot areas. Some people prefer to put on silky material shirts instead of polyester materials because they are lighter and flexible enough to adjust present body temperatures. 

Though silk materials are flexible, they are not quite absorbent as cotton and linen materials hence anyone wearing silk clothing should expect some sweet patches on very hot days. Silk materials are good for indoor chilling parties instead of dancing parties.


Jerseys are knit fabrics that are originally made from wool and have been in existence for several years and of good quality. Presently, it is really common to come across jerseys that gave been made from a blend of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. The flexibility and comfort of jersey materials make them quite a good and popular option for really humid weather.