A Look at Some Classic Funfair Stalls and Booths to Liven Up Your Event

We are no doubt familiar with a lot of the attractions found in fairgrounds and funfairs, and even have fond memories of trying to win (and winning!) at such games. From coconut shy to ball in the bucket to tin can alley and hook a duck, most of us have spent an afternoon or evening or two trying our luck at these classic stalls. But if you are in the middle of planning a party or event, you may be wondering if it’s possible to rent a few stalls for everyone’s entertainment. The good news is yes, it is entirely possible – but with all the games and stalls available, which one would strike a positive chord in every person who sees them? In short, which are the most famous and popular ones of all? Here’s a look at some classic funfair stalls and booths to liven up your event. 

Coconut shy

Coconut shy is arguably the most recognisable stall of them all, especially as it’s been a staple around the world since the 1800s! Whilst you may already have an idea of what the game is all about, the simple objective is to throw a bean bag at a coconut to knock it from its perch or stand, and you get three tries. Some fairgrounds have replaced the classic coconut with brightly-coloured balls, but the objective doesn’t change, especially as you get to choose from a total of five (easy) targets, each set at a different height. 

Hook a duck

Another staple in the world of fairground games and attractions is hook a duck, and the objective of the game is simple as well – ducks of different sizes are all lined up on shelves made to simulate water, and you will be given a long pole and will try to hook them using the pole. What makes it more exciting is that each prize duck features a number at the bottom, and if you get three where the total sum is 21, you’ll get a nice prize. 


Hoopla is one more popular stall in fairgrounds and funfairs, and it is an old game which features rings and wood blocks, and your objective is to throw a ring over one of the blocks. As always, it looks easy, but as anyone who’s played the game before will tell you, looks can be deceiving! The rings are now made of plastic, and the wood blocks have been replaced by bottles – but the goal is still the same, and to add to the fun, each bottle has a different shape and size – and you can choose which bottle to go for. Funfair stall for hire experts like We Are Tricycle recommend a game of hoopla combined with coconut shy and hook a duck as a standard for each party or event, and then mix it with an exciting ride such as helter-skelter or the booster for the ultimate party thrill! 

Ball in a bucket

For those who have spent a fair bit of time at a fairground or carnival, the ball in a bucket side stall is an unforgettable game  – and it takes some precise throwing action to shoot that ball exactly where it’s supposed to be! And when it stays in that bucket, you guessed it – you get a reward.