A Private Jet Charter Is Cheaper Than You Think

You should consider private jet rental if you are sick of busy airports, endless wait lines, and dragging heavy luggage. You no longer need to be filthy rich to enjoy the splendor, luxury and comfort of private jets. There are several new players in the private charter industry that are making it more accessible for people to rent jets. You can take your pick from apps that allow you to snap up seats on empty routes and membership clubs that help share the cost of a jet.

These are a few ways you can easily afford your next private jet rental:

Consider Leasing

There was a time when only rock stars and millionaire businessmen would travel in private jets. An innovative range of startups has now made it affordable to rent a whole plane without breaking the bank. The plane may not be the size of a Gulfstream jet, but it will be big enough to get you and your small group of friends to your next destination.

In fact, you could rent a plane for as low as $400 (US – all prices in US dollars) per passenger if you book a small private jet with just four seats. You don’t need to worry about the waiting and hassles. You can walk straight through the airport French doors on to the tarmac and your plane.

Book a Seat

If leasing doesn’t work for you, or you are thinking of flying solo, there are several companies that allow you to book a seat on scheduled private flights. You may have to travel with strangers, but you don’t need to deal with busy airports and lengthy wait times. Also, you get to book a seat on a business jet. There are several companies that offer seats for the price of a business class ticket.

You don’t need to worry about renting the entire plane or paying for a membership. You just book your seat and you are done. You can take your pick from short-haul flights and long-range ones. Seats on scheduled private jets depending on the level of service and route can be anywhere from $300. In fact, there are several charters that offer service between California and Nevada at just $29.

Shared Private Jet Rental

There is an app for everything – even renting private jets. You can connect with over 7,000 travelers to share the cost of renting a jet through certain apps. You can easily choose a 7-seater plane and get your friends to split the cost of each seat with you. If you are lucky, you could come away with renting an entire jet at the price of an economy ticket.

Private Jet Membership

Companies offering private jet rental are employing new and innovative ways to attract a fresh clientele. Joining country clubs is a thing of the past. You can buy monthly memberships to private jet clubs for as low as $4,000.

If that is too high for you or you don’t travel frequently, you can snap up individual seats without paying for the membership at $500.

Private jet membership clubs offer several perks, including tight arrival times, access to glamorous flights, and ability to fly anywhere at a moment’s notice.