Are Roses Really the Best Flowers

The flower lovers and gardeners should have knowledge about the roses flowers. Rose is the most famous and charming flower in the world. People are using the rose frequently and according to a survey 64% of the people are preferring the roses for the gift. Rose flowers had a massive experience, about 35 millions years ago the first rose flower was found. Rose flower does not mean the red color flower, there are almost 125 plus species of rose found in the world. Every region in the world grows different species of flowers. In this article we will discuss the reasons for rose flower popularity, and if the roses are best then why and how.

1. Rose flower using for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is celebrated as the festival people are giving gifts to their sweethearts. The concept was introduced in the 1700s. Mostly people like to give to flowers and in flowers they prefer roses. Roses are the symbol of love, especially the red rose. The reason for gifting the rose flower, it is a beautiful flower, smelling good odour, and obviously as we mentioned it expresses love. Rose is the economical flower, yes some species are costly but rose is rose. You can easily get red roses from any flower shop at economical rates.

2. Rose Flowers for Decorations

If you are attending the events, weddings, and festivals then you surely noticed that rose flowers are mostly used for the decorations. Especially if you take a look on the stage the majority of the decoration is done with the rose flower. People love to use white roses in the events because it looks lovely and impacts the good impression on the whole event. People also use the rose flower for decorating their houses on the arrival of festivals, such as Japanese and chinese using the roses for decorating the houses on the arrival of new year.

3. Rose Flowers Use for Sending Sympathy

You can send a rose to someone as sympathy. Majority of people said it is bad to send flowers to someone as sympathy, actually this is wrong. Rose expresses the love for another one. If you send the rose flower to someone as a sympathy then its mean you do care of that person and you want to spread love with him/her. It is not good to send only one rose, you should send a bouquet and it is good if you send red roses.

4. Use of Rose as Medicine

Do you know the majority of the medicines are made with flowers, and mostly roses are used in the medicines. It is hard to count the exact ratio of the medicines made with the medicines, but it is obvious that rose flowers are used in legal medicines. Actually in the past the doctors are mostly making the medicines by mashing the different flowers when there was no concept of the hospital, by inspiring this nowadays the flowers especially roses are using as the medicine ingredient