ATV Maintenance: What You Need To Know

The quad has taken the world by storm and now, thousands of riders make good use of the many ATV venues. Some with them have their own machine, while others rent a quad at the venue. If you do rent, it won’t be long before you decide to acquire your own machine and with that comes maintenance.

Safety First

As it should be with all forms of transport, the ATV requires regular maintenance in order to be safe to ride. Brakes are obviously a critical element of safe riding and brake pads need to be inspected at regular intervals, while the brake fluid reservoir should be checked, topping up when required. Wearing the right gear is essential and you will need the following:

  • Open Face Helmet – It is unwise to wear a full-face helmet, as this restricts your vision, rather wear an open face helmet with a facial guard.
  • Goggles – Polarised goggles offer the best protection and the eyes must be protected at all times, as debris can easily enter your eyes while riding.
  • Leather Jacket – If you were to come off your ATV, you will skin protection, while riding through the forest at speed runs the risk of being hit by branches.
  • Leather Or Denim Trousers – A thick pair of jeans are suitable, as are leather riding pants, which offer the best leg protection.
  • Motorcycle Gloves – Gloves are obviously important and you do want to retain fine finger control when riding your quad. There is always a risk of riding through vegetation that could injure your hands, so make sure you have a good pair of motorcycle gloves.

Basic ATV Service

Your ATV would have a 4-stroke engine, which requires an oil change every few thousand km, plus the oil and air filter need cleaning or replacing. Whether you are looking for a new or used machine, there are road legal quad bikes for sale UK dealers are offering. You can also find great stores selling quality quads in your area and all it takes is a quick search on Google to find them. Dealers often offer servicing and repairs, plus they sell a wide range of spare parts and add-ons, all at affordable prices.

ATV Tyres

Of course, your tyres make contact with the surface and correct inflation is important, while you should inspect the tyres before every ride, looking for tears, bulges and worn tread. A street legal quad would need to have tyres that have good tread and comply with the law and if the service mechanic thinks your tyres need to be changed, her or she would make that recommendation. Riding on soft ground might require a little less PSI in the tyres, which gives you more grip. If you are planning to ride on the road, it is essential to first get some important information from the government website.

General Maintenance

Every time you take your quad out, you need to thoroughly clean the machine before storing it in the garage. Invest in a power wash machine, which is perfect for removing dirt, grease and mud, leaving the machine in a clean state, ready for maintenance. The quad comes with an owner’s manual and that contains all the information you need for proper servicing. Every service should be entered into the rear section of this handbook, which is evidence of the maintenance carried out throughout the life of the ATV.