Authentic Works of Art that Perfectly Combine the Tradition and Modern Glass Vases

Representing one of the major Italian cities in terms of cultural influence and history, Venice nowadays is still recognized and appreciated for its cultural heritage and beauty. Millions of tourists visit Venice each year for its architecture, its art, its cuisine and to watch history coming alive in present times. Every tradition of the past is respected in Venice, starting from the traditional Carnival which takes place in February for two weeks, up to the preservation of its peculiar streets, canals, and gondolas. Venice has been known for centuries for its artisans as well, especially in the field of glassware craftsmanship, with its main core located in Murano.

Murano is composed of 7 islands close to Venice’s ones and it’s worldwide famous for its glass. Here you can take a look at our artisans working at creating the most stunning and gorgeous glassware creations, each of them worthy of being considered a masterpiece. All these artworks come from centuries-long experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, Murano glass products are still created according to traditional techniques, something that cannot be found in average industrial glass products.

Among all the glassware articles, Murano glass vases are surely outstanding. Whether you prefer a more traditional style of vase or a more modern one, our artisans’ artworks will surprise you. Murano’s modern glass vases are characterized by bright and saturated colours and interesting shapes, ideal to be placed in your favorite room of the house to give a touch of sophistication and color.

At YourMurano you can explore all the different possibilities and designs of modern glass vases, each one of them comes from the technical skillset of our artisans and are, at the same time, characterized by innovative designs reimagined from the tradition. You can select them choosing from different elegant colours combinations and shapes such as squared, elongated, cylindrical, drop-shaped, and round. Our modern blown glass vases can easily adapt to every corner of your house and will surely leave you stunned in awe.