Awesome LED Strip Lights Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Lighting is the key to the door of beauty. There is a reason why a lot of product photography focuses on dramatic lighting and cinematic shadows. This philosophy is true for houses as well. You could have the world’s best-looking house. But if the interior is lit poorly, it will look bad. On the other hand, a standard bedroom with nothing exceptional about it can be taken to new heights, just with the help of some LED strip lights.

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There are two main advantages of using LED strip lights for your home decoration. First is their color flexibility. You can find an LED strip that will glow in whichever color you want. The other benefit is their slender design. A strip can fit under, over, and behind so many things, giving you ample opportunity for creative lighting decorations.

Here are a few of the many home décor ideas with LED strip lights:

Ceiling cornice:

Ceiling lighting is becoming a major trend with every passing day, and for a good reason. Hiding multicolored LED strip lights from is an easy yet effective way of spicing up a room. The lights are installed in a way that the strips themselves aren’t visible. Instead, the light bounces from the ceiling and creates a sublime multicolored glow. You can pick a certain color of LED strips that better fit your furniture or opt for white light for extra illumination.

Behind TVs and monitors:

From a purely decoration-oriented standpoint, TVs and computer monitors are ugly. They are just big black pieces of glass stuck to a bunch of plastic when they are turned off. The solution to this is pretty simple, just add a straight line of LED strip lights behind them. Now they look good while turned off and extra cool when turned on. You can even buy controllers that change the color of the lights based on what is on the screen, making your movie-watching experience better.

There is also a medical reason to add lights behind your TV or monitor if you like to sit around in the darkness. The constant adjusting of your eyes between the bright TV and the dark background leads to eye strain. LED strip lights fix that issue without forcing you to keep the room lights on.

Under furniture:

Does your kitchen contain bland white cabinets with no personality? Add a line of LED strip lights under them; you’d see the difference immediately. Of course, this is also true for things like the backboard of a bed or the side tables. LED strip lights, especially the colorful ones, just make everything look so much better.

This method, however, doesn’t work with every piece of furniture. For example, a nice wood chair with excellent design, meticulous details, and eye-catching color will look horrible with a cyan light shining on it from the back. So, be mindful about your light placement and don’t go overboard with the frequency or even the colors.