Best Day of the Dead Tattoos

The Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration that happens every year from October 31 – November 2. This celebration is somewhat similar to All Souls Day and Halloween. People in Mexico and some cultures all over the world celebrate the day by gathering family members and remembering their loved ones who have died. This special day is usually celebrated using their famous figures such as the sugar skulls and Calaveras (skeleton) makeup.

This post is dedicated to this coming special event which is a week from now. We have collected 35+ special Day of the Dead Tattoos to inspire you and give you great ideas on your next tattoo. I also have included the name of some artist who did the tattoo for your convenience.

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Best Day of the Dead Tattoos

day_of_the_dead_tattoo_by_mojoncioImage Source

day-of-the-dead-tattoos-for-girls-picturesImage Source

Day-Of-The-Dead-Tattoos-1Image Source

Beautiful Sugar Skull Tattoo Daily Dose Of Tattoos day of the deadImage Source

day-of-the-dead-tattooImage Source

day_of_the_dead_tattoo_by_mojoncioImage Source

Black n red feathers roses day of the dead tattooImage Source

Day-Of-The-Dead-Tattoos-For-MenImage Source

day_of_the_dead_tattoo_by_joshuahImage Source

Day-Of-The-Dead-TattoosImage Source

great-tattoos-mexican-day-of-the-dead-woman-in-redsImage Source

day_of_the_dead_girl_tattoo_by_craig_holmes_by_craigholmestattooImage Source

black-and-grey-day-of-the-dead-girl-tattooImage Source

day_of_the_dead_tattoo_wip_by_mojoncioImage Source

Day of the dead tattooImage Source

heywood__s_day_of_the_dead_lady_tattoo_1st_session_by_reddogtattooImage Source

Day of the Dead Tattoo Designs for InspirationImage Source

muertos_girl_day_of_the_dead_by_pantsatpantsImage Source

Full sleeve day of the dead tattoosImage Source

Mexican Tattoo DesignsImage Source

day-dead-girl-tattooImage Source

day_of_the_dead_tattoo_by_hatefulssImage Source

color_day_of_the_dead_girl_by_asussImage Source

Forearm-black-and-grey-Day-of-the-Dead-tattooImage Source

day_of_the_dead_girl_sugar_skull_and_roses_tattoo_by_slabzzzImage Source

Day of the Dead WitchImage Source

day of the dead girl foot tattoo Damien LugoImage Source

Forearm-colour-Day-of-the-Dead-tattooImage Source

day_of_the_dead_portrait_by_meghanbeth-d3nwikmImage Source

Day-of-the-Dead-Witch-dia-de-los-muertosImage Source

Custom Bride Sugar Skull Tattoo by Mikey SlaterImage Source

day of the dead gypsyImage Source

day of the dead By Paul MannImage Source

Forearm day of the dead ByImage Source

Sylvia Jai day of the deadImage Source

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