Best Holiday Gifts For Your Grandma

When it comes to Christmas shopping for grandma, it isn’t always the easiest task. Grandma seems to often already have everything she needs, and there is stiff competition to get grandma a great gift among cousins in some families.

Let this gift guide help you find something she’ll love. 

Custom Jewelry Will Make Her Holiday!

Ethical fine jewelry from Noémie is a great choice for Grandma this holiday season. 

What Is Ethical Jewelry?

Noémie uses reclaimed 18K gold, conflict-free stones, and lab-grown diamonds when crafting their jewelry. In the jewelry industry, the effect on both the environment and the mining communities that surround the areas of the procurement of diamonds and other valuable gems can be terrible. 

Because of this, ethical standards have been implemented to enhance sustainability and to improve the quality of life for those who work sourcing the gems. There are a variety of forms in which these improvements have been applied. The banning of child labor in 3rd world countries, along with increased transparency in the supply chain of precious stones has helped keep the jewelry industry ethical, as well. 

Great Fashion Forward Jewelry She Will Love

Fun, cool jewelry is always a great gift for a woman of every age!  I don’t know how she does it, but my Grandmother always looks timeless. I channel her charm and elegance when I need to look especially nice (and I usually bring out the unique jewelry she gifted me).

A lovely pendant from the Zodiac collection is a fashion forward, yet classic look that Grandma will love, whether she is a Libra or a Pisces.

Another great piece is a ring from the Love Your City collection. Is Grandma a die hard New  Yorker? This ring will be the perfect gift! 

Still Perplexed?

Still not sure what to get her? Here’s a few more ideas.

This bucket style Electric Towel Warmer will keep two towels warmed up and ready for the post-shower. $139.99, from Amazon. 

This giant button universal TV remote, frankly, is something that I think I might have to get for myself. $39.95 from Amazon

Your Grandmother’s love may have turned you into the person you are today, lessons that will last forever. Your confidence comes from the pride she took in everything you did.  Even though you’re all grown up now, you still rely on her advice. She taught you to be kind to others and you will always think of her when you send handwritten thank-you notes. You will pass on the lessons she taught you to your own children and maybe even your own grandchildren. Some people may say etiquette rules that Grandma taught you are old fashioned, but we both know they’ll never go out of style.