Best Joker Tattoo Designs

Joker was originally synonymous to clown. The funny red nosed characters that are meant to make everyone laugh. But ever since the batman series came out as comics and movies, the word ‘joker’ conjures up just one image in everyone’s mind – Heath Ledger, giving his unbelievably stunning performance in the dark knight. Even if you don’t see heath ledger, you certainly see the joker, the archenemy of Batman! Thus joker tattoos sport scenes from the duels between batman and joker. Certain innovative variations can be brought in these designs but they are mainly heath ledger or other jokers from the batman comics and movies.

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Best Joker Tattoo Designs

Beautiful-Joker-TattooImage Source

joker-tattoo-for-girlsImage Source

Joker-Tattoo-Card-Game-PictureImage Source

why-so-serious-joker-tattooImage Source

Joker-Face-TattoosImage Source

Joker-risesImage Source

joker-tattoo-pic-on-armImage Source

evil-jester-joker-tattoo-on-armImage Source

truck-mask-joker-tattoo-on-shoulderImage Source

The-Joker-TattooImage Source

The-joker-tattooImage Source

joker_tattoo_by_ivostankovImage Source

Ejay-The-JokerImage Source

Joker-tattoo-ideasImage Source

color-joker-tattoo-on-half-sleeveImage Source

brice_the_jokerImage Source

Killing Joke Joker TattooImage Source

black-joker-tattoo-picturesImage Source

joker Tattoo by Jack at Fate Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio.Image Source

Joker - Americo Tattoo L'AquilaImage Source

why so seriousImage Source

JokerImage Source

Joker - Americo D'Antonio Tatuaggi L'AquilaImage Source

Why so seriuos?Image Source

the joker from the dark knightImage Source

Joker, Schriftzug, BatmanImage Source

JOKER BATMAN tattooImage Source

Joker Tattoo with Red RoseImage Source

joker tattoo ideasImage Source

joker by Dap Skingdom Tattoo shopImage Source

Angry JokerImage Source

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