Best Stage Decoration Ideas for Wedding

A wedding is a very special occasion for everyone involved. It is a celebration of a life event. And no celebration is complete without proper decoration. Good wedding decorations hire in Melbourne light up the occasion and make the celebrations enjoyable. There are many areas where decorations are needed as far as a wedding event is concerned. However, the most crucial and prominent site is the stage. A stage is where the most important persons – the bride and the groom are. It has to be well decorated. Since decoration hugely depends on the taste and theme of the event, it must be carefully done keeping in mind the decorum of the event. Here are a few tips that can be used to decorate the stage for the big event called the wedding.

White and red floral wedding stage

Imagine a semi-spherical stage with a combination of white and red flowers. A stage decor can be made charming with cascading adornments in shades of white and pink drapes. One can also pair up the setting with a chandelier in the center-right above the sofa placed for the bride and groom. A sofa made up of brass can add to this vintage look.

Fur flooring with flower decoration

A stage decorated with white, red and pink flowers along with fur carpet covering on the floor can give a cute boho-style look to the entire setup. If you wish to have a fairy-tale wedding then this will mark the right choice for you.

A white and gold stage for a lavish look

A combination of white and gold with a red touch is the best way for a luxurious feel. White chairs with printed red cushions and a carpeted floor would team up well with the setup. Also, one can place big flower vases draped with pink and olive cloth at the sides of the chairs to give a complete vintage look.

Stage decoration with geometrical patterns

This can be a perfect choice to get a feel for a party. An edgy and geometrical patterned stage with LED-lit triangles on the backdrop and patterns such as stripes or zig-zag on the floor and edges is one of the most trending decoration ideas these days.

A starry stage for a dazzling look

A combination of shining golden strings with big handcrafted flowers along with silver and with silver and white hangings will give a shimmery look to the stage. Pair this set up with a simple white-colored couch to get an overall magical and classic look.

A simple wedding stage for a subtle look

Think of a backdrop with red and white flowers throughout. Doesn’t it give a romantic feel? Place a white or light-shaded sofa with flower vases on both sides to have a subtle appearance.

A stage set up with hues of white and green

This is a unique design in case you are looking for theme-based decoration for your stage. A combination of white flowers with green leaves or fabric would give a natural look. Besides, you can place wooden barrel drums, candle holders and a white sofa with perfect lighting to complete the entire set.