Best Tips on Decorating Your Patio

When the long lazy days of summer arrive, you’ll be wanting to sit and relax outsides. This is where a patio comes in. You might want it just for yourselves or to entertain guests, but either way you’ll want to decorate it in your own unique style.

If you are lucky enough to have a large patio you can divide it into different areas. You can put a table in one area where you can enjoy meals. In another area put comfy chairs where you can relax and enjoy a drink with friends. There can be a special area for your children to play and another area near the table where you can put a barbecue.

If your patio is small, it looks better if you put large cushions on the chairs. Lots of small objects in the area can make it look cluttered. With just a few stylish items you can make your patio look bigger. Our friends at gave us some insightful tips on patio furniture decoration!

If you have close neighbors and want some privacy, put up some curtains. As well as stopping your neighbors from looking in, you will give yourself protection from the sun. A pergola is also a good idea as it gives you a semi-enclosed space. In addition, pergolas are stylish. Perhaps you could also put a small bar underneath the pergola with your favorite drinks and colorful glasses. If the pergola is close enough to the house, you could put in a small fridge/freezer which would save you going indoors to get drinks and ice.

Your patio will need lighting for when the sun has set. If you have an electricity point outside you can hang up some lamps. Lanterns with candles are a good idea if you don’t have electricity outside. They will create a soft and magical atmosphere.

When it comes to adding furniture and accessories, it’s nice to extend your style from indoors into the outdoors. You will want to make the area as comfortable as possible so get big soft chairs and put throws over them and add colorful cushions. Bring out some treasured items like framed photos, ornaments and pot plants. A printed or brightly colored umbrella looks good and gives you some protection from the sun. Umbrellas are movable so you can change their position as the sun moves.

Perhaps mix indoor and outdoor materials so it doesn’t look too different out on the patio. You want to have your inside style gradually moving into the outside. Put a wooden or glass table on the patio. Metal chairs with comfy cushions work well. If you have recliners indoors, think of putting some outdoors so you can relax just as well outside as inside.

Why not accentuate your patio by building a brick wall. All you need is a wall of four layers of bricks so it’s not too difficult and the wall will accentuate the space. Add some hanging flower baskets and festive lights. You can get strings of lights which work on batteries and look very pretty.

If your patio that stands right next to an exterior wall, you can add color and decoration to the patio. Hang up some pictures and lights.

As can be seen, there are plenty of ways to decorate your patio. Just go for it. Bring your indoor style outdoors. You can rest assured that your friends are going to be impressed.