Big Bike Touring in the UK: Freedom & Independence

Have you ever noticed how many big bikes seem to appear on the roads as soon as the nice Spring weather arrives in the UK? This is a reflection of the popularity of big bike touring, which has much to offer the tourist in terms of touring holidays, exploring the wonders of the British countryside. You probably know at least one person who rides a big bike, indeed, many UK men (and women) have a superbike in the garage, waiting for the nice weather and here are a few of the reasons why people turn to two wheels for a touring experience.

Cheap Transportation

When compared to running a family car, a big bike offers cheap travel, while the road tax and insurance are also cheaper with a motorcycle than a car. Indeed, many UK motorists have actually sold their car, preferring to use their big bike to get around, which is a much cheaper form of transport. If you would like to view a range of new and used big bikes for touring, check out Wheels Motorcycles, a leading UK dealer of big bikes who offers low-cost finance on all their models.

Take Control of your Holiday

With your camping gear safely stored on your touring bike, you are ready to take to the open roads and while you might have a plan, it isn’t set in stone and can be altered at any time. If you are not really into camping, you can book your overnight stays at local inns via the Internet and there are some great regions of the United Kingdom to explore. Click here for tips when choosing headlights for your big bike.

Obtaining a UK Big Bike Licence

As you would expect, riding a powerful superbike demands a high level of skill and respect and you will need to aim your sights at obtaining the category A licence, which allows you to ride all bikes without restrictions. Start with the A1 licence, which allows you to ride 125cc machines, then graduate to the A2 licence that allows you to ride bikes up to a power rating of 35kW and finally, the A licence gives you a white card.

Protective Clothing & Gear

Riding a motorcycle demands that you wear suitable clothing; a tight-fitting leather jacket and leather riding pants are ideal, while special motorcycle gloves are also a must-have and let’s not forget a top-rated full-face crash helmet. Boots offer ankle support and many riders wear a Hi-Vis vest on top of their jacket to help make them more visible to other road users.

Summer Holidays with a Difference

This is what you can expect when you own a big touring bike and whether a long weekend or a two-week summer adventure, your big bike will take you wherever you wish to go. If you happen to be a bike racing enthusiast, why not turn up at the British Grand Prix on your own big bike? Thousands do just that and with so many bikers in one place, the parties go on late into the night.

Regardless of your age, now is a great time to take to two wheels, as the spring is just around the corner and you can enjoy a few months of biking freedom and hit the open roads at the weekends.