Cash4Life Lottery? Right, Play to Win Cash for Rest of Your Life

Cash4Life is one of the multijurisdictional lotteries. Cash4Life is an amazing lottery that offers its winners approximately INR 65,000 every day throughout their lives. The ticket price costs only about INR 175 for a single bet.

Rules of the Game

Players can choose five numbers between one and sixty along with a cash ball numbered between one and four. Hence, the player has to choose about six numbers. The players who can match all six numbers are the winners of the jackpot, while those who match up to five numbers win the cash prize of INR 65,000 per month for life.

When Does the Draw Take Place?

It is drawn live every Monday, and Thursday at the Cash4Life Studio at the lottery’s headquarters in New Jersey. It is drawn at 9:00 pm as per the European standard time. Popular people like Lauren Berman, and Kaitlyn Cunning host these live draws. An auditor from an asset management firm supervises every draw. There are two machines for Cash4Life drawing. The large machine known as Magnum II randomly mixes the 60 white balls, and the smaller machine randomly mixes the green balls. The opening at the bottom of the machine then reveals the green cash and the five white balls.

The Odds of Hitting the Jackpot

This game is amongst the most favourable lotto game particularly, because of the high odds of winning the game. The odds stand at one in 210 lakhs. This is higher than other lotto draws such as Powerball, Euro jackpot and Megamillion.

It is a Tax-Free Win

Yes, only if you play on Lottoland. Every jackpot winner is taxed on his or her winning. However, Lottoland does not charge any money to the winners of the jackpot. Lottoland is one of the world leaders in providing a platform for all major international lotteries. Anyone from India can participate in the international lotteries and get a chance to win big.

How to Play Cash4life Online and Claim the Prize?

Cash4Life is played in the following states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Each state has its pay slips and gaming system. Each state can sell these Cash4life lottery tickets to their residents only. Once you purchase the ticket, you cannot cancel it.

You can play cash4life online on websites like Lottoland. The rules for playing the game remain the same. However, you will have to register with the website and set up an account for the same. Adding details such as your age, your address, phone number, and email-id is important. You will receive a notification via SMS or email about your lottery winning if any. The winning amount is transferred to the account. You can further withdraw the amount to your bank account. If your winning is great, then you must seek legal advice on the tax laws governing your country. In India, 30% tax excluding the surcharge and cess is applicable to winning from international lotteries.

Cash4Life is a great way to become and feel rich every day. You wake up to new money every day, and that is why so many people favor cash4life. Despite life’s difficulties, a Cash4life jackpot will give you a reason to smile every day. Lottoland is coming to India and Indians will get a lifetimes opportunity to become rich!