Childproofing Your Home: 4 Most Commonly Overlooked Areas

The first few years of a baby are very crucial, they are very fragile and can’t really do much. But as soon as they start to crawl, walk, run and hold onto things, it’s a big issue especially for parents. One unattended minute and there are lots of things that could happen. You think that in the split second it will be okay, but little did you know they could still encounter some hazards.

That’s why childproofing your home before babies come is a must. And you should not just check for things that could cause direct risk to your baby, but also anything that could harm you while you’re holding the baby in your arms. And even if you feel pretty confident that you’ve done a perfect job of childproofing, there might be things that you overlooked.

Let’s check the most commonly overlooked areas in childproofing.

1. Swimming Pool

Children’s and swimming pools are a very dangerous combination. Even when you think you are supervising kids on their pool time, there are a lot more things to consider. Start with how deep and how big should your pool be, if you have kids, they should be just in the shallow end while swimming.  If you have a swimming pool at home, you’d childproof the whole area, starting from the exterior doors and windows up to the pool. Start with installing a four-sided fence that’s at least 4-5 feet tall, with a self-closing, self-latching gate around it.

2. Dishwasher

Dishwashers are usually low and can look interesting for children. We think that cupboards are dangerous because all of the knives and heavy things are stored in there, but what if we just washed it and left it inside. Children like to help in the kitchen, and if you’re not paying attention they can easily open and get a hold of sharp things. You should always make sure it is locked properly or you can put a fence on kitchen doors.

3. Monitor Cords and Extensions

I’m sure we all have that entertainment set and computer table with lots of monitor cords and extensions. And while we don’t think it’s harmful, children can easily get a hold of them, trip on them or more so can be strangled by them. You can easily childproof your wirings by putting tape over it or organizing them with cable clips or ties.

4. Home Office Table

You tend to bring your baby while doing some work at home and mostly just not pay attention to them while doing work. With that, you should clear the table of things that could be choking hazards, such as coins, paper clips, bobby pins, and other types of clutters that children can think that is interesting. During this stage, children like to put everything in their mouths. By putting your clutters in a sealed tight container, you can avoid babies choking on them.

Lots of child injuries and deaths happen at home, and some due to the things that we don’t consider dangerous. This is why we should be very careful and make sure that our house is childproof to protect the lives of our little ones.