Colored Hair For New Looking Styles

What Are The Types Of Colored Hair?

There are five primary hair colors: red, black, blonde, brunette, and grey, and these colors can be altered a little in tone to make a different look. However, in this post, we will talk about the feature of T1B/Grey.

If you want a new classic look for your hair color, then T1B/Grey is your best option. This colored hair is the method of altering the color of a hair to a lighter shade. With this TIB/Grey, the spectacular effect you will get is improved with fabulous colors.

T1B/Grey is now becoming more popular among hot celebs. Although this colored hair is expensive, it is well worth the price. You’ll have only of its kind appearance that you can use throughout the year.

This colored hair can last longer, and KN hair human hair online shop offer you the best quality colored human hair weave bundles that you’ll love. It is made with the same type of material as real human hair, which means you would not need to worry about it breaking. It is durable. When you style this colored hair, it will look natural.

Besides, it is very silky and soft. This colored hair has its natural wave that means whenever you flat iron it; the wave pattern will bounce back. It is tangling and shedding free. It gives a unique visual effect, which seems more natural, than other hair totally in grey.

T1B/Grey is the bomb because you can curl, perm, and dye it. It goes well with whatever style you prefer; it could be accomplished.


This colored hair trend is going strong and long. It is beautiful and can also be worn in your way to suit your specific taste and sense of style. It seems great on darker skin tones. Supplementing a simple rinse to this colored hair can give you a great look. You can find many shades of this colored hair; the choices are limitless. #613 gives you uniqueness and versatility. You can rock this colored hair on a date, to a party, and even for Halloween.


This colored hair is sleek and smooth. It can be curled, flat ironed, blow-dried, and cut for any look. It is made with 100% Virgin Hair for the best look and feels. This colored hair will not go out of style; it gives a beautiful and dramatic look. It enhances the look and adds gorgeous length to your hair. It is one of the best and versatile colored hairs for every classic woman.


This colored hair is sexy and light. The color trends like this make it perfect for every woman who does not like the commitment of frequent salon visits. Besides, this colored hair establishes a masterpiece full of class. Everyone who wears this colored hair will look beautiful without trying.

Is All Colored Hair Suitable For Black Women?

Yes, all colored hair is appropriate for black women. However, there are different kinds of colors devised to alter the hair from one shade to another. These colors are safe to use; some are more suitable for black women’s hair than others. Maintain your hair look without damage by going for the least harsh approach for your preferred color.

  • Color rinses: This process is an excellent choice for a black woman who does not have time to visit salons frequently. You can maintain it easily at home. It doesn’t lighten the hair. It is safe to use on relaxed hair. It would help if you always reapplied every month.
  • Temporary Colors: This process is like color rinses; it lasts only until your subsequent shampoo. It doesn’t lighten the hair. It is free of harmful chemicals. It is essentially “paint” for your hair; it only coats the strands. Thus it is safe to use on relaxed hair.
  • Semi-permanent Colors: The process has all the features of temporary formulas and color rinses with the added advantage of semi-permanence. You will apply the color to the hair and then “fasten” with heat from a dryer for thirty minutes. It is chemical-free and safe to use on processed hair. It doesn’t change color radically and can last between six to twelve shampoos.
  • Demi-permanent colors: It has a small amount of peroxide but does not have ammonia. For this reason, it cannot lighten the hair, but it can improve the natural color and cover grays appropriately. It lasts through at least twenty-four shampoos.
  • Permanent Colors: It would be helpful if an expert does this procedure. These permanent colors furnish you with a considerable change and use both peroxide and ammonia. The colors do not fade out and only fades as the hair grows out. It makes sense if you touch it up every month to cover its roots. It would be best to consult a colorist if the hair has had any chemical process.

What Will Colored Hair Make You New Looking?

Did you know that opting for the right colored hair could knock ten years off your appearance? That is right. Certain colored hairs have been proven to make every black woman look more youthful. Finding the best-colored hair to appear younger can be challenging – but Coffy Hair is here to help! We have rounded up some most youthful colored hairs for you to get enthused by!

#613 Colored Hair

This colored hair makes you appear younger – but the tone you choose is overriding. It would be best to avoid cool, ashy tones and add warmth to your appearance with #613. It gives your complexion a healthy and youthful glow. Besides, this colored hair looks natural. If you want an honest, sun-kissed look that you cannot help but like, then this #613 is your best bet.

P4/27 Honey Blond

This colored hair is the way out for every hair problem. It softens skin tone and adds freshness to your complexion. If you want to look slightly different, then choose Coffy Hair human long straight p4/27 honey blond ombre color highlight 13×4 lace front wigs. It is ideal for people who are looking to add some warmth and youthfulness to their look.