Common Side Effects of CBD Capsules and Oil Drop Tinctures

The cannabis market has been booming since the legalization of medical marijuana in most states, and the passing of the farm bill, which includes hemp derived products to be considered safe for legal consumption as long as the THC levels are under a certain amount. CBD ended up skyrocketing, and more constant research has been turning this industry into a multimillion dollar industry just in two years’ time. However, many people who take CBD from the website don’t say what the side effects are. In this guide we’re going to tell you what the side effects of CBD are, and why they’re nothing compared to all of the health benefits that have been scientifically proven about it.

Common Side Effects Reported

As with any cannabis product, the most highly reported side effect of using CBD is dry mouth, however most users state that it doesn’t produce the same “cotton-mouth” effect when ingested orally as smoking cannabis products do. With that in mind, it also doesn’t promote or cause a “high”, so there isn’t any potential for habit forming.

Some users of CBD have experienced a slight bit of nausea when it comes to using CBD, or just a little bit of a sour stomach, but these are rarer cases, and often the cause of other things that are interacting in their bodies with the CBD itself. Some people don’t always digest CBD oil well, which is why some people resort to using topical ointments or salves instead.

Are there Any Dangers of CBD?

While it’s been researched very heavily, there have been medical studies that proved that CBD can have some side effects which may need to be a concern, but it’s on a case by case basis. Those taking certain medications, and blood pressure medication may want to consider talking to a doctor before they ever start taking it. The reason for this, is just that CBD can lower your blood pressure and have some interactions with certain medications. No matter the case though, this is very common with any drug out there, whether it be a natural one or synthetically produced drug.

Reporters have researched that it has a 50/50 chance of alleviating Parkinson’s symptoms, while others have stated that it made their symptoms worse.

Side Effects Can Work Themselves Out

As we see, the side effects of CBD itself are quite similar to just about any other drug on the market, however there are no long-term negative health effects that plague people on a regular basis like there are with other drugs. Not only that, but many users who even suffer from gastrointestinal problems associated with CBD are able to build up a tolerance to it with continued use or by lowering their dosage. Another big culprit is the carrier oil that’s used that causes any negative side effects.


Depending on what the carrier is, your genetics, and our health conditions, it is always recommended that you look into using CBD carefully, and consult with a doctor if you’re on any prescription medications or have blood pressure problems. However, if you use the right products, like the ones offered by Nanocraft CBD, you can have all of the benefits of chronic pain relief, anxiety relief, and even have a healthy sleep schedule without all the harmful effects of other prescription drugs.