Create Income with a Summer House in Your Garden

Times are tough: money doesn’t grow on trees, and with the Coronavirus hitting the world’s economy for a six, businesses, especially those in the mainstream travel accommodation industry is going to feel the pinch.

Most people are on the lookout to earn an additional income. The advent of AirBnB has made it possible for almost anyone to make some extra cash, whether by renting a room in their home, an entire property, or a tastefully decorated summer house in their garden.

Gone are the days that a shed is a dusty hovel covered in cobwebs. A quick Google search of “modern garden cabins” will result in over 30 million hits in less than a second. Log constructs are trendy, modern and reasonably inexpensive.

Available in all shapes, and sizes, more and more people are investing in a wooden building that can double up as a spare room to rent. When it’s not reserved, it can be used to accommodate the family that visits, or even by the owners themselves to enjoy a staycation.

The fantastic thing about being able to rent a building on someone’s property is that it is relatively inexpensive, and often more private than a standard hotel room.

Online rent-a-space platforms are increasing in popularity. Being able to browse a variety of properties before packing your backs builds anticipation and adds to your holiday memories. Many travellers, particularly those on a gap year, have budgetary constraints, so renting a garden lodging may appeal to them. It also allows them to experience a part of the culture that they might not have been exposed to had they stayed in a conventional hotel.

Shopping around also allows would-be travellers to find the perfect fit for them. They may be looking for a chic, neutral space, close to amenities, but not directly in the noise and smog of the city. Some vacationers may be looking for boho digs, others a spot with a jacuzzi. With a little patience and tech-savviness, they’re bound to find it.

Cabins are versatile and depending on the available space; there are numerous ways to decorate and utilise the space.

Country gardens in the UK are some of the most beautiful in the world. Visitors to your lodge will be surrounded by infinitely beautiful flowers and a myriad of pleasant scents.

Home improvement projects can be something in which the whole family can get involved. There’s much fun to be had shopping for the right furniture, linen and even crockery (if your cabin is going to be self-catering).

There are few things as satisfying as seeing the shell of a building turn into a comfortable, inviting space, whether for others or yourself. There are, of course, the ratings online – the better they are, the more in-demand your space will be. This will allow you to increase your prices, enabling you to earn a higher income. The additional disposable cash can be reinvested into your summer home.

Regardless of how you look at it, a summer house is a must-have.