Different Types of Pruning to Make Your Home Beautiful

Types of Pruning

Pruning is the best and probably the only option you have if you want to allow your trees to grow better. It’s like a natural nurturing method to allow them to grow better and most importantly healthy. However, it is not as simple as just cutting down a dead branch. Pruning is a science, to say the least. You may want to contact North Star Tree Service to see if they can do it for you as inexperienced gardeners can easily kill their tree if they do it incorrectly. There are various types of pruning and also specific seasons that produce the best pruning results. Pruning serves several purposes depending on its specific situations. Some people have found that for bigger bits of tree, using a home chainsaw is a good idea.

However, it’s not all sunshine in the pruning. Anything that deals with cutting down trees or a part of a tree should be approached with utmost precaution. After all, we all need Oxygen, unless you don’t, in which case you should seriously consider moving to another planet. So, to make your garden look more beautiful you can call Arlington tree experts for pruning.

Reason for pruning

Pruning involves tree removal which of course alters the appearance of the tree and also affects its growth and health. So it should be a highly calculative and systematic method as opposed to a random process. No single branch (however small) should be removed as a result of carelessness or worse – ignorance. Every single cut you make should have a purpose that aids the health and growth of the tree. You might find it easier to hire a company like this TreeWiseMen tree removal service Hilton Head Island, SC, as this way you know that everything will be done properly.

Most basic reasons to consider while pruning includes dead branches, Widowmaker (dead branches hanging to other healthy branches), improve the shape of the tree, trimming down thick branches to enable proper sunlight and air penetration, and most importantly to for corrective or preventive measures.
Types pruning

Types of pruning

The type of tree pruning you do varies depending on your situation or needs. The different types are –


Cleaning is a type of pruning technique that involves the removal of dead branches. This technique is also used for removal of infected or low-Vigor branches. If the infected branches aren’t removed at a proper time, they will just go on to destroy other healthy branches as well. This technique serves the primary purpose of regular maintenance.


Thinning involves targeting a specific branch (Dead or alive) and removing it to improve the overall tree structure. Every branch will have different buds pointed in all different directions. The most logical direction of growth would be away from the centre of the tree (unless you are aiming for a zig-zag shaped tree for decorative reasons). Thinning is the pruning technique of removing such extra or diverted branches to ensure a proper vertical growth.

P.S. Make sure you cut above the bud that is faced outward in order to allow your tree to grow away from the centre. If you’re finding this too tricky, it may be worth getting having a look at different tree removal sites similar to akatreeremoval.com, to see what services are available and if they can help you.

It also serves the purpose of clearing excess thick branches that directly effects poor sunlight penetration to your house. Also, thick branches make your tree look ugly and most importantly increase the risk factor of branches falling down due to excess weight from adjacent branches.


Some trees branches grow downwards due to excess pressure or due to lack of proper thinning procedure. Such low branches often disturb the pedestrians, vehicles or building clearances as such it becomes necessary to remove them. The whole process of removing such low branches is called Raising.


As the name suggests, the reduction is the pruning technique of reducing the height of a tree mainly for clearing the space for power lines transmission and distribution system. Usually, interference of tree branches with power lines can cause short circuits and, hence, disruptions of the power supply. It, therefore, becomes necessary to enforce reduction pruning technique.


This technique is more of a “don’t do this” kind of a thing. Topping is the process of cutting the tree branches to its lateral branches or stubs. This means cutting every single branch of the tree and leaving only the bare tree. In all the right sense, Topping can’t even be classified as a pruning technique, as it opposes everything that a pruning process is supposed to do. Topping is just down stupidity and a cruel way of treating trees as it gives the tree minimal chances to heal up all the wounds and also deteriorates its health. Most of the times the Topped trees just end up being dead due to the shortage of healing nutrients required.

Tree removal is a serious affair, and it is the complete opposite of random process. Every cutting method serves its own purpose, and that’s why tree removal Sydney involves careful calculative steps to ensure that every tree removal contributes positively to the environment as well to the tree itself.