Eating Tulip Bulbs: Can You Really It?!

Eating tulip bulbs may sound strange, but every Dutchman knows it is possible. Not because they eat it at daily basis, but because it is a well-known story about World War II. The last year of Hitler’s demand there was a lot of hunger in the Netherlands. People were so hungry that they were looking for other things to eat. Tulip bulbs were a great alternative. Not because it was tasty, but simply because they were starving.

Enough tulip bulbs for everyone

Due to the war many tulip bulbs were not planted that year. Tulip growers decided than to sell dried out tulip bulbs in grocery stores. Some newspapers had also some recipes with tulip bulbs in them. It is hard to imagine now, buts in 1944-1945 this was the reality for many Dutch families. The tulip bulbs had lots of benefits for the starving community. They were nutritious and surprisingly easy to cook. There was not much fuel needed and there were enough tulip bulbs for everyone.

What does tulip bulbs taste like?

There are not a lot of people alive now who can tell you what tulip bulbs taste like. We can also say that the tulip bulbs that people ate in the Second War cannot be compared with the tulip bulbs we see today. In the modern life we would never eat food what has been sprayed or dried. In the Second World War there was no choice. They needed food. And when you’re hungry, you’ll will eat anything Food is all you can think about. And when you get tulip bulbs, you’ll eat it. The tulip bulbs in the Second World War were not fresh. That’s why they tasted very different from fresh tulip bulbs now, The tulips bulbs that were eaten during the war had a very bitter and dry taste.

There are still people who eat tulip bulbs today. Not the dry, bitter ones Dutchman ate during the war, but fresh bulbs. Eating tulip bulbs is not as bad as it sounds. It can be very tasteful, as long as you eat fresh and unsprayed bulbs. A fresh tulip bulb has a very sweet and even milk like flavour. It’s actually not bad.

Health benefits tulip bulbs

Eating tulips has many health benefits. In some countries these bulbs are still part of their daily nutrition. As example, in Afghanistan they eat tulip bulbs to gain strength. Also in Britain the use of tulip bulbs in dishes is not as strange as it sounds. Many know the tuna stuffed tulip recipe. This is a classical dish, which is only made during special occasions.

Tulip bulbs are very nutritious, which was needed in the Second World War. In the modern life it can also be used to relieve coughs and head pressures. Some people use tulip bulbs to create a poultice. This provides relieve from burns and rashes. It can also be used to heal very dry skin.