Electronics Design Used to be a Management Heavy, Communication Based Process, not anymore…

Manufacturing process of a new electronic consumer device changed a lot over time. 

PCB design, which is the brain of any product, is automating and shifting online dramatically.

Supply chains change with online services, distributors aggregators and easy to use component part marketplaces. Manufacturing project management is almost entirely automated and streamed online! At speed not conceivable 5 years ago.

 From prototyping to design and then to productization and scaled manufacturing, many solutions look at this process and simplify it for the new artisan of electronics.

So they start simple, with a prototype, that is bulky, large but provides a simple functionality. A house lock that mechanically opens and closes doors, locks them at the right time securely. 

For each step of the product maturity there are several providers trying to simplify your role, whether you work at a large OEM or you work on the new cool light switch that Gen Y is so interested in. 

CAD software is still where is still where magic happens, as well as where its all being managed

This is why we at sourcingbot.com see many solutions in the market that integrate to CAD software the first steps that your electronic device idea gets modeled and this is why the design engineer is now expected to be able to answer all other aspects of the manufacturing process, it is truly not that complex anymore. From sourcing, market analysis, supplier approval, design related best practices are all enabled and can be managed. 

Reducing the process to choosing a sub contractor to manage your design process, this is why you need a good partner, one that answers your call, assists in the transition between product stages and does not take advantage of smaller changes in the design. 

Because this is happening. Of Course, there are 2 euro double layer pcb stencil providers but we all know this is a classic case of you saved but your mistakes will not save you.

SafeRFQ provides real time, real sales people connected to delivering your product finished. The process can take longer because it’s complex. But the ability to scale up, following and correcting previous mistakes. Having an expert in the middle that’s following and is a design partner. Is truly important and not the place to save an extra buck. 

On stock and prices of electronic components, there you could save, big time! In a scaled manner. So having cheap options. That’s are tested in small chunks. Having cross references. It’s never too early to start.