Embrace the 6 Styling Tips for Small Apartment Balconies

Apartment living is just as ubiquitous as the more conventional single-family style you observe in the suburbs. However, because apartment buildings are more suited to city blocks where they allow property developers to maximise on the limited available space, more often than not, apartments will lack some of the perks of a house. One of these foregone advantages is yard space. So, to compensate, the apartment balcony becomes an essential addition for the providence of some needed outdoor space.

Although balconies are a common feature, they are not created the same way. The most readily apparent difference is size. Not every apartment can have giant balconies that go from end to end. Those with small ones may present some obstacles when attempting to create an ideal aesthetic.

So, if you are working with a less roomy balcony but would still like to present it in its best light, why not embrace these six styling tips for small apartment balconies?

Decorate The Wall

Limited floor space does not have to be completely restricting. This outlook only presents the opportunity to think vertically instead of horizontally. So, use the wall as a canvas toshow additional décor. For example, you can install fairy lights for more illumination and create a certain ambience. Alternatively, you may also consider adding planters for greenery.

Add Some Greenery

Speaking of greenery, placing plants can have a dramatic yet pleasing effect on the feel of your balcony space. With strategic placement and judicious number employment, you can create a personal jungle or nature space akin to enjoying the outdoors.

Spruce Up The Floor

While you may not have a lot of floor space, you can still liven it up for a more cosy aesthetic. Use colourful outdoor rugs, stone, faux grass and patterned tile to style up your balcony floor. You may also opt to make the space more dramatic using a bolder floor pattern that makes a statement.

Explore A Mix Of Textures

Textural diversity can go a long way towards creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. So, try to employ a mix of textures throughout the space. For example, you can use woven rugs, glass tables, cotton pillow covers, and natural fibre upholstery to bring out dimension and make part of a shifting dynamic that creates and maintains interest.

Opt For Appropriately Sized Furniture

You must also be judicious in your furniture choices, considering the spatial constraints. For example, while having a seating area may be mandatory, adding full-sized furniture is not. Therefore, you can forgo pieces like an oversized couch or a big table in favour of a modest loveseat or cosy chair and a coffee table, stool, or side table. Keep in mind that the purpose here is to avoid overwhelming the space, thus making it seem smaller.

Add Some Storage

It seems one can never have too much storage around the house. So, as such, a small balcony does not preclude you from adding storage if you need it. In fact, clever storage solutions like under-seat cupboards, multipurpose storage boxes/tables and some wall shelving will help you maximise the available space.

Having a small balcony does not have to be an insurmountable disadvantage. All you need is some clever styling to make it a value-added living space that is as hospitable as any other room in your apartment.