Ensure Your Toddler’s Overall Development with Music

You can’t deny the fact that music has a strong influence on people. It stirs up a wide range of emotions in them. They can very easily relate to the lyrics of a song they like. You shouldn’t expect toddlers to be any different. You just need to turn on the radio or CD player for a few moments. You’ll notice a pleasant sight. Your little one can easily recognize different tunes and rhythms. The way he/she moves his/her body to beats of a song can certainly amaze you. Experts specializing in this field say exposing your child to music boost his/her cognitive development.

Is it worthwhile to expose your toddler to music?

These professionals say you got to make music an integral part of your toddler’s life. It is essential for his/her overall development. You can even encourage his/her to learn how to play an instrument. The time he/she becomes proficient in it may come as a complete surprise to you. You just have to watch a 4-year old child rehearse a popular song on the piano. It won’t take you long to know the truth of this fact.

Moreover, you won’t regret taking such a decision. The experts go on to point out the following four important reasons for taking this step:

  • Enhances your child’s sensory development

Music can have a strong impact on your toddler’s senses even at a very early age. He/she can easily differentiate various tunes in the same manner as different colors and exotic tastes. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. The exposure to various rhythms opens up numerous pathways within the cells of your child’s brain.

This can give you an excuse to introduce new toddler songs to your little one. You’ll soon find out it’s the right thing to do.

  • Enhances literacy

Teachers in kindergarten classes recite nursery rhymes to their students for a reason. It enables them to recognize and anticipate every sound of the song through repetition. They slowly understand what words in lyrics are going to come next. Mastering this important skill boosts their numeric abilities. It is the first step to ensuring they become literate over time.

  • Teaches them the basics of vocabulary

Parents can’t expect their toddlers to understand the words in the lyrics of any nursery rhyme. You aren’t an exception to this fundamental rule. The children aren’t in a position to differentiate between the sounds of the letters of the English alphabet. No wonder their teachers rehearse the ABC song continuously till they know it by heart. As they become older, they realize each letter has a distinct sound and entity. This is their first exposure to vocabulary. It is only possible through music.

  • Improves motor skills

You’ll find music and dancing is inseparable. Toddlers may not apprehend the lyrics to any song they hear. However, they don’t have a problem moving their bodies to rhythms of the tunes. This helps to fine-tune their motor skills over time.

Exposing your toddler to a musical environment is a necessity rather than a luxury. It is a vital part of your child’s development. The above four reasons to do so proves this fact without any doubt. The outcome of taking such a step won’t fail to surprise you over time.