Five Things That Nobody Told You About Green Energy

What comes into your mind when you hear the words “green energy?” Well, you can simply describe it as a form of energy that is environmental friendly, and certainly the future of energy.

In a world with an energy crisis, green energy is becoming the center stage and is growing strong to curb all these problems.

Can I surprise you that whatever you know about green energy are only half of what’s out there? By the end of this article, you will take a different approach to green energy.

There are more Jobs in the Green Energy industry than there are in the fuel companies

If you are thinking of venturing into the profession of sustainable energy, don’t think fossils. Let green energy be your first stop. You’ll be minting more money than your counterparts.

According to a study done recently, for every job in a fossil fuel company, there are three jobs in green energy. The wages are handsome too and they are 13% above the economy average. Also, the jobs are of high quality, nice working conditions with numerous bonuses. Don’t think twice.

North Africa is likely to go completely Green in the near Future

Today, green energy only provides 22% of electricity. However, North Africa and Europe are eyeing green energy as their 100% future source of energy.

They want to achieve this goal in the next 5 decades.

Solar Energy is bigger than you Know

When you talk about green energy, solar panels come into your mind first. But, how huge is the solar energy?

It’s not all about the horns Tesla is blowing; an unknown Japanese company is making headlines. The company has an unthinkable plan of surrounding the moon with solar panels.

India also is no joke; they have the biggest solar panels that can power up to over 150,000 homes. They use solar panels similar to those made by solar panels Hawkes Bay.

The Power of Wind Turbine

When Charles. F bush was generating the wind turbine; he never knew the gift he was presenting to the world.

His idea brought forth a new life to the energy world. Today, one turbine can power up to 1400 homes.

That’s why China has given its all to maximize on this golden opportunity. It boasts the largest onshore wind farm that produces 7,965MW.

Green energy is helping millions of people

1.3 Billion Still don’t have access to electricity. However, green energy tries to reduce these numbers. Most of them live on the remote parts of the world where harnessing green energy is not an uphill task.

Don’t be on the dark while the sun is shining. Go and buy yourself a solar panel, and reach out to electricians Christchurch for installation if you happen to live in the vicinity.

It’s never better than now to go green

Green energy is taking big strides in providing us with clean, cheap and sustainable energy. So, don’t wait, hope on to the bandwagon and get the most out of it.