Frequently Asked Questions about Buying and Usage of Anabolic Steroids

Do professional bodybuilders use steroids?

Most of the athlets of different kinds of sports use steroids to improve energy and muscle power. But in all athlets bodybuilders are the ones who mostly takes adventages of steroids. It is mostly impossible to have the appearence that the profecional bodybuilders have without using those kind of products.

Why do guys take steroids?

Everybody have different reasons to workout. Women mostly do workout for a less fat apperance and a healthy life. Some men may have the same reason with women but mostly, especially bodybuilders, aim to have strong and bigger muscles. And the easiest way to have that apperance is using steroids.

How long does it take for anabolic steroids to work?

This question is very hard to answer because first of all it depends on your workout, your alimentacion and yourlife style. On the other hand it depends on which steroid or steroids u use, your steroid cycle and the amounts you use. But we can say, if you follow your workout routine stricktly and eat healthy and also if you find the steroids suitable for you, you will start to see the effects in 10 days.

What happens when you stop taking anabolic steroids?

Like other strong medicines, taking steroids shouldn’t be stopped whenever you want. You should program well the amount you’ll use and the time of your cycle. After you stop using steroids you’ll loose some muscle mass but that does not mean you’ll go back to your apperance when you first started. The change will depend on your workout and alimentation.

Do steroids make a woman’s voice deeper?

Using steroids means taking men’s hormone, testesterone, to your body and it’ll of course give a masculen effect to your body incluiding your voice. Taking in small doses may not effect to deepen your voice but taking big amounts will make your voice deeper and mostly this effect does not recover even after you stop taking steroids.

How to take anabolic steroids?

Bodybuilders mostly use steroids by taking different kinds of steroids in different doses called “cycling. They also mostly “stack” the steroids which means they take two or more different anabolic steroids. Sometimes they only use oral ones sometimes they only take injectables and also sometimes they mix both of them. The reason for this is to derive different benefits from different types of steroids.