Fun Date Ideas You Shouldn’t Pass Up

While dating is a ritual that is fairly common, the activities that take place during the dating process are definitely not one size fits all. There are many circumstances that dictate what you and your partner may consider an enjoyable pastime. The term “fun” is fairly subjective, so compromises may come into play when deciding where and how to spend an outing together. As for any surprise excursions, those may have to be shelved until you have a better understanding of the particular interests that your partner appreciates in order to avoid any unnecessary tension or awkwardness too early in the relationship.

Weather Permitting

The weather is usually a key deciding factor when planning a date. Both good and bad weather can be a source of inspiration when arranging a rendezvous. Pleasant weather will permit you to pursue a myriad of outdoor activities like bike riding or going on a picnic. If you are the adventurous type, seek out local parks where you can hike or kayak. Another benefit of the mild climate is generally a surplus of farmers’ markets or festivals to explore.

Even inclement weather has its advantages. Planning a date to play in the snow is a unique activity that you can then follow with a relaxing afternoon or evening making hot cocoa and warming up by a fire. When the weather outside makes it too miserable to venture out, there is plenty to do together inside like binge watching your favorite shows, trying out a new recipe, or playing old nostalgic board games.

Peas in a Pod

Shared interests open the door to multiple possibilities. If both of you are active and into fitness, then going to the gym to workout together can set the stage for both a fun and competitive outing. Not only can you push each other to meet your goals, but you can participate in different exercise classes together that neither of you are familiar with like Zumba or hot yoga. You can even move beyond the gym to challenge yourselves with activities like a trapeze class.

If you two prefer a quieter calmer setting, figure out what appeals to both of you on a more intellectual level. Look for an out of the way bookstore or check out an independent film that you can talk about afterward at a local café. Attend a pottery class together and create a memento of your date.

Picking a Partner

But what if you haven’t even met your prospective date yet? Of course, there are all the usual social circles in which to search for a potential partner – school, church, work. If you aren’t meeting enough people through those outlets, you will discover an ever-expanding pool of candidates in the online dating scene. For instance, if you prefer an interracial relationship, you can find single black women to date at Afroromance, if you want to ensure you only meet Jewish singles there are exclusive Jewish dating websites, and so forth. Just get online and do your research because there are a number of sites out there with different services and fees.

Ultimately, a great date involves finding common ground and doing what you both enjoy.

Getting to know another person can be very exhilarating, so make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. A hint of spontaneity in the early stages adds to the fun, but it can’t hurt to have some potential dating ideas in your back pocket.