Funny Gift Ideas for Awesome Moms

When it comes to choosing gifts for our mothers, most of us choose sincere and sentimental gifts like photo albums and monogramed jewelry, and we always make sure to throw in a touching poem or quote. While there is nothing wrong with sentimental gifts, we can also celebrate our mothers with some less conventional gifts which will bring not tears of joy, but tears of laughter to their eyes. After all, mothers can also have a great sense of humor, and we are sure that they would all like a break from the classic sentimental gifts. In the following lines, we will present you with some hilarious gift ideas, that will surely inspire your next gift for your mother.

1. Funny mugs

Funny mugs
First of all, being a mother is hard, and if it weren’t for coffee, most mothers would probably drop dead from exhaustion. As such, a coffee mug that celebrates the hardship of motherhood in a fun and creative way can make for a great gift. Why not treat your mum to a set of photo mugs with images of all your family to make them unique? Alternatively, you can choose a plain white cup and get it printed with the quote of your choice. You can also visit an online store that already has some funny coffee mugs in stock. We recommend as they have a great selection of coffee mugs with clever and funny messages like “Mama needs her coffee” or “I used to sleep at night #motherhood”.

2. A wine gift

A wine gift
Most women love wine, but when motherhood kicks in, wine becomes sort of a necessity, to keep the craziness at bay. If your mom is also a wine lover, she would surely appreciate a funny wine related gift. You can opt for a wine bottle/glass. This is basically a wine bottle, but instead of a normal bottle neck, it has a wine glass. It is a classy way to drink directly out of the bottle, and you can inscribe the bottle with a funny message like “Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs” or “I will only have a glass of wine”. You can also inscribe custom t-shirts from Dallas with a funny message like: “God, give me a coffee to change the things I can change, and wine to accept the things that I can’t change”. If you do some research online, you can find numerous other wine-related gifts like knitted socks that have this message on the soles: “If you can read this, bring me wine!”

3. Funny cooking gifts

Funny cooking gifts
This is a tricky gift. Basically, all moms cook, but most of them cook because they have to, and only some really seem to enjoy the process. But if your mom is one of the few mothers that actually enjoy cooking, a funny kitchen gift will surely please her. Here you have endless options, such as a voodoo inspired cutting board that your mom can use to scare your dad when he’s misbehaving. Or you can opt for an apron with a kinky print or a funny message like “Dinner will be ready when you hear the smoke alarm”.

4. A personalized tote bag

A personalized tote bag
The tote bag is probably the only bag that can fit a mom’s needs. But who needs a simple tote bag, when you can have one inscribed with a hilarious quote. If you lack inspiration consider the following messages: “You don’t scare me! I’m a mom! Smelled it! Heard it! Changed it! Seen it! Cleaned it!”

5. Wonder Woman inspired gifts

Wonder Woman inspired gifts
Since all moms are amazing, it makes sense to celebrate them with some Wonder Woman inspired gifts. However, stay away from the sentimental gifts, and instead opt for funnier gifts like a coffee mug inscribed with “I am wonder woman! I wonder where I put my purse, I wonder where I put my keys and I wonder where my money went” or a wine glass inscribed with “Every Wonder Woman needs Wine”.