Get To Know The Income Potential Of CompTIA A+ Certification

How much I would make after earning the A+ Practice Test certification? This is the question that would itch in everyone’s mind who is planning to bag this prestigious certificate. And this is natural because a person does efforts and works hard to make a good living and earn an unbeatable reputation in the chosen industry.

So, today let’s talk about the money matters of the A+ qualification so that you have better clarity over whether or not it’s the right choice to make.

CompTIA A+: A Springboard For An IT Career

The key reasons behind putting efforts in earning any other IT certifications are to attract the attention of the employers, strengthen out the CV’s positions, and let the world believe that you have the necessary skills. The good news is that Network+ Practice Test  satisfies all these criteria and gives the needed confidence to IT enthusiasts to firm their feet in the industry. When it comes to employers, this designation does a great job as companies, across the globe, identify it as the benchmark of sufficient expertise for various job roles. 

As you know, successful earning of the A+ certification is possible after securing passing grades in 220-1001 and Security+ Practice Test exams. And, once you have passed this hurdle, you’re all set to explore the industry in various positions. Let’s have a look at the key job roles that any CompTIA A+ certified specialist is going to bag and also focus on the paycheck details of them. 

  • Service Desk Analyst

A service desk analyst is someone who offers timely technical help to the users/customers of an organization. S/he is responsible to resolve inquiries and technical issues, as well as evaluate the device performance. Moreover, any aspect of the IT units like hardware, OS, and applications is taken care of by a savvy service desk analyst. 

Now, let’s talk about the standard salary that the industry offers for this job role. After searching the FC0-U51 , it can be argued that the average salary in this job role is $48k per year, which is quite impressive. 

  • Technical Support Specialist

This job role is more or less similar to Service Desk Analyst and involves dealing with customer queries & technical issues. They also work closely with other departments, passing on information about errors and functions. If the words of PayScale are to be believed, anyone can make $52k annually.  

  • Field Service Technician

A competent field service technician is responsible for the devices’ installation and maintenance, deployed at the field. Alongside, field service technicians are in charge of troubleshooting and repair of the client devices. As a result, the average salary of this specialist, can be anywhere in the range of $36k to $75k, says PayScale. This is a handsome figure. 

  • Associate Network Engineer

Being a network engineer is the dream of any IT enthusiast. But, it takes a lot to work in this field. With CompTIA A+ validation, one can start the journey from a small scale and can march ahead. You can be an associate network engineer first. Don’t try to consider this job role less significant than just network engineer as the associate is engaged in such important functions as the maintenance of hardware components, WAN infrastructure, alongside the implementation of various networking tools. And as for salary, an average of CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 a year awaits you in such a position, according to

Wrapping Up 

As you can see, with the CompTIA A+ certification, one can have ultimate peace of mind as good earnings are guaranteed. Time and again, this accreditation path has proved that it’s a good choice to make. So, a stable career and a prosperous future is the promise of this vendor and they successfully fulfill it. But the decision is up to you!